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If you are looking for a best smart TV in India that you can buy for your home then check our page below. It will have most sorted out smart TV’s based on your needs and pricing.

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Smart TV’s are changing the way people consume content. Smart tv’s are basically classified in

  1. Screen size
  2. Features
  3. Price

Here we are classifying TV’s based on above mentioned category so that you can make the best choice from.

Smart TV’s based on Screen size

Basically screen size of a tv can be more classified into

  1. 32 inch
  2. 40 inch
  3. 43 inch
  4. 49 inch
  5. 55 inch
  6. 65 inch
  7. 75 inch

These are the most popular TV sizes available in the market.

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Smart TV based on features

People are looking into features more now a days in the smart tv segment.Main thing that they check is about the OS and the app support the TV has. so we here also have classified the TV and reviewed them based on features as well.

smart tv

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