Best Smartwatch under 5000 (October 2023)

If you are searching for the best smartwatch under 5000 then here are a few options to consider with AMOLED display, round dial, call function and suitable for female.

Smartwatches have gained their popularity in the market very soon. Since the introduction of Smartwatches from Apple and Samsung, other popular brands have jumped into the segment with their own version.

Best Smartwatch under 5000

Most of them offer similar features like the top brands like Apple and Samsung in a budget price.

Even though there may be compromises and difference in quality, getting a smartwatch under 5000 is a good option as a beginning.

Let’s check out some of the options in smartwatches under budget in India that you can buy.

Smartwatches are a good companion accessory for any smartphone as it adds more functionality and ease.

Why do we need a Smartwatch?

As the name suggest, it’s a normal watch with smart features. Analogue and digital watches are available in the market for ages, but recent trend has moved to smartwatch.

People now think that watches are not only to show time, but also can show notifications when we receive calls and messages.

Smartwatches have other functionality when integrated with health tracking. Most smartwatches come with health tracking features like, heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, mensuration cycle etc.

High-end smartwatches are expected to provide accurate reading and also track your health better.

Apple Watch has a built-in feature to check ECG, which is a great addition to a smartwatch. It will help people having heart issues to keep track of their condition and get the needed checkup from the doctor.

Smartwatches which show notification of calls and messages provide more value when we travel. We can stay updated on all the calls and messages without taking out the phone.

Consider if you are travelling in a bus or train and when you receive a call you may need to grab the phone, unlock it and check who has messaged or called.

A smartwatch makes this process easier, as you can just glance at the information without taking the phone out of the pocket.

Other features like respond to calls without taking the phone is possible with smartwatches that have calling option. You can also skip the music tracks directly from a smartwatch.

Some watches also help to control your smart home. There are specific smart home apps that have a companion app that could be installed in your smartwatch and control any devices in your home with voice command or tapping.

Best Smartwatch under 5000

CrossBeats Ignite S5

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Display1.96 inch AMOLED
Bluetooth CallingYes
Fitness apps supportYes
Wireless chargingYes
Water resistanceIP 68

User Review

When it comes to the best smartwatch under 5000 with AMOLED display, CrossBreats Ignite S5 is the one to go with. It comes with a sleek design and durable build.

In our testing it performed really well and the display was best in the segment. It comes with a 1.96 inch super AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 60 HZ. The display was good enough to be viewed outdoors with high brightness levels.

The watch syncs with your phone through Bluetooth. It uses BLE 5.3 which increases battery life and provides much stable connection between your watch and phone.

For you fitness freaks, this watch is a perfect companion as it comes with specific sports training options. Also, you can track your daily activity levels easily on your wrist.

500+ watch faces are available, which you can change according to your daily dressing style. It comes with wireless charging and a technology called SnapCharge which charges the watch really fast.


  • Bright display
  • AMOLED display provides good contrast levels
  • Water resistance is an added advantage
  • Fast charging support


  • Battery life can be a bit better.

Fire-Boltt Infinity

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Display1.6 inch
Bluetooth CallingYes
Fitness apps supportYes
Wireless chargingYes
Water resistanceIP 68

User Review

Some people specifically look for smartwatch under 5000 with round dial. Fire-Boltt infinity is the right option for then as it comes with a round dial and sleek looking design.

Display size we are talking here is 1.6 inches with a resolution of 400 X 400. With an edge to edge display, this smartwatch looks great on anyone’s wrist.

Always ON display on this provide an easy glance of the time. Like other smartwatches in this segment, this model also comes with Bluetooth calling feature where you can easily take calls on your wrist.

This watch comes with 300+ sport modes with which you can track all the activities easily. There are dedicated watch faces based on your requirement, which you can set with a single swipe.

While working out in a GYM, you can listen and change tracks easily with this watch. TWS support is present in this watch, and you can store music in the watch as it comes with 4 GB internal storage.

Both static and dynamic heart rate monitor is available with the included VC32 chip built in. You can easily keep track on your heart health.

An additional feature that this watch provides is the tracking of SpO2 levels. Using this feature, you can keep track of the blood oxygen levels easily.


  • Bezel less display provides a sleek look
  • Fast charging support makes it easy to charge
  • Using TWS Support, music can be controlled on the wrist.
  • SpO2 tracking is an added advantage.


  • Vibration motor needs to be more powerful as its hard to notice the vibrations in the wrist.

boAt Wave Call Smart Watch with Airdopes 441 buds

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Display1.69 inch
Bluetooth CallingYes
Fitness apps supportYes
Wireless chargingYes
Water resistanceIP 68

User Review

When it comes to budget smartwatches, boAt is a brand that we cannot miss as they have some unique features in a budget segment.

Unlike other smartwatches, the boAt Wave comes bundled with Airdopes 441 buds, which you can use to listen to music. This is one of the best offers that we can get when it comes to smartwatch under 5000 rupees in India.

The watch comes with built-in speaker with which you can listen to people who are calling. Also, the Bluetooth calling feature is available, with which you can take calls on the watch itself.

Dial pad is available on this watch so that you can dial any number and also store 10 contact details so that you can call them directly.

In the display department, we get 1.69-inch HD display, which is bright enough to be seen outdoors. 2.5D curved touch surface helps for smooth navigation through the watch interface.

In our testing, we noticed as this watch was particularly bright compared to others that we checked. It can provide a brightness up to 550 nits, which makes seeing the text on the display in sunny days as well.


  • Bright display with 550 nits
  • Bluetooth connection is stable
  • Bundled earbuds adds more value to the product
  • Easy to make calls and receive


  • Battery life can be better. In our testing, it discharged faster with repeated notifications received.

Amazfit Bip 3 Pro Smart Watch 

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Display1.69 inch
Bluetooth CallingNo
Fitness apps supportYes
Wireless chargingYes
Water resistanceIP 68

User Review

Amazfit smartwatches are popular within women as they come with lightweight design and sleek looks. Also, multiple color options are available, which makes them suitable to be worn with different dresses.

If you are looking for the best smartwatch under 5000 for female then the Amazfit Bip 3 pro is the one to go with.

It comes with 1.69 inch color display with minimal bezels. This makes it look attractive on the wrist, and also the display being bright makes reading it easy outdoors.

Battery life on this watch was excellent in our testing. It provided almost two weeks of battery life. One thing to notice here is the number of features in this watch are limited, which will result in better battery life.

It has features like blood oxygen saturation monitor which comes handy to check the levels in your blood. People who have health issues will feel good to have this feature on their watch.


  • Bright display
  • Excellent battery life
  • Durable design
  • Lightweight and sleek looks


  • No calling feature available

Why should we consider a smartwatch under 5000?

When it comes to high-end smartwatches like the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy watch, price is an important factor as they come with a premium price tag.

This won’t be suitable for many people, and they may look into budget segment. In my personal opinion, getting a smartwatch under 5000 is good as many brands provide a great set of features in this price range.

Also, the products in this price segment are expected to last longer as per the user reviews. Companies like Boat, Noise, Mi and Cross beats have products that are durable and also come with all the needed features.

People who like to change the gadgets they use every year will feel 5000 rupees to be a good price range for a smartwatch.

How did we create this list of smartwatch under 5000?

This list was created by testing various brands that have Smartwatches in budget segment. We tested smartwatches that have call function, AMOLED display, round dial and a special segment was considered for females.

Smartwatches for ladies are expected to come with smaller dials. We checked brands like Noise, Boat, Mi and Cross beats and created this list.

Following are some factors that we considered before making this list.

  • Size of the smartwatch
  • Features on offer
  • Battery life
  • Durability
  • Setup process
  • After sales service

Let me explain why the above-mentioned points are important before getting a smartwatch.

Buyer’s Guide for a budget smartwatch

Following are the points explained detail

Size of the smartwatch

A watch is a gadget that we wear on our wrist. People will always consider the size of the dial if it is suitable for their hand or not. Wearing a large watch will make the look odd. When it comes to Women, they give a lot of importance to the watch size.

Also, a large dial watch is not that easy to handle. When the screen size increases, the watch will have more weight to it. Watches should always be light in weight so that we will not feel as wearing something on hand.


Another important factor to consider is the set of features offered in the smartwatch. People usually have high expectations. Apple Watch is considered to be a standard in the smartwatch segment.

If you use an iPhone and looking for a smartwatch, then there is nothing better than an Apple Watch.

Here as we are looking for best smartwatch under 5000 in India, we may need to make some compromise in features. There is a standard set of features that we can expect like a heart rate monitor, Call and message alerts, sleep tracking and call receiving options.

Advanced features like ECG, Blood oxygen monitor, Smart home control etc. may come in premium smartwatch segment.

Other features like IP certification, music control are standard features in smartwatches of all price segments.

Battery life of a smartwatch

Battery life is a crucial factor for any gadget that we use. When it comes to a smartwatch, battery life is an essential metric to consider.

Even though we charge our phone and smartwatch every day, still some watches are available in the market which have long battery life.

This is basically dependent on the features present in the watch. More battery taxing features like heart rate monitor, bright display, powerful vibration motor could cause battery to drain in a faster rate.

If you are a person who receive a lot of calls and messages every day, each time when you are notified by your smartwatch, the battery is drained.

A smartwatch is expected to stay at least two days without charging. This is necessary when you go for a trip or camping.


Durability will decide how long your smartwatch will last. As I mentioned earlier, smartwatches could get bumped in walls, doors, chairs or different things that you come across every day.

When you go to a Gym and do work out or play any game, watches get hit by many things. Smartwatches will be shockproof and withstand some amount of bumps and crashes.

Usually, the screen gets damaged first. So manufacturers use hardened glass or gorilla glass to protect the screen. Before buying a smartwatch, we need to know how durable it is.

Water resistance or water proofing is another important factor to consider here. Most smartwatch brands provide IP certification, as we may keep watches on our wrist while swimming or during rain.

IP rating is an essential factor here.

Setup process

This is a factor that is given less importance, but we considered this as a criteria to check in this list of smartwatch under 5000.

All brands have their own companion app to set up a smartwatch and pair it with any iPhone or Android.

In some cases the process may be complex and some may be really simple. This can be easily known by asking to people who are already using that watch.

After sales service

Having multiple brands in the market will create some confusions on which one to go with. There are many brands which does not provide good after sales service. Once you buy their product, you will be forgotten.

This would create issues if the device run into any problem. Local brands may not have parts for their products and if it fails the watch will become unusable.

To avoid these issues, we should consider brands that provide good after sales service and have service centers near your location.

FAQ on smartwatches under 5000

Which is the best smartwatch under 5000 rs?

We have listed some options above will are considered to be best under 5000 rupees. In our testing, the CrossBeats Ignite S5 performed the best and can be considered are an all-rounder for the price.

It comes with a beautiful AMOLED display which is bright enough to be seen in sunlight. Also, it comes with all the needed features for anyone.

Other option that you can check out is the boAt Wave Call Smartwatch as it comes bundled with the Airdopes 441 earbuds. At this price, it’s the best deal.

Which company smartwatch is best?

When it comes to durability and design, Mi, boAt and Amazefit are the best. They have the variety of products which have all the needed features.

Budget segment smartwatch segment is ruled by Mi and Boat. In our testing, Boat is more value for money with their offers and features.


Smartwatches are good companions to your smartphones. They help you stay updated without taking the phone from your pocket.

Any options listed above are value for money products and are a good option for daily use. If possible, go to a local store and check out the available options in person so that you can be sure before making the purchase.

Thanks for reading.

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