Best TV for Bedroom In India in 2024

If you are searching for the best tv for bedroom in India then have sorted some options that you can consider checking out

Best TV for Bedroom

On considering other rooms in home where we spend time, Bedroom is another place. Before going to sleep we can watch our favourite shows on Netflix or Prime video so that we can end our day with entertained mind.

Here we are going to check some of the TV that you can buy for your Bedroom. Considering the TV for bedroom, we have to check some things before making the decision.

Best TV for Bedroom In India

Samsung  QA43Q60TAKXXL 43 inch 4K TV

Samsung  QA43Q60TAKXXL 43 inch 4K TV

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Top Features:

  • 4K resolution
  • 3 HDMi ports
  • Smart TV features
  • All popular streaming app support available
  • Easy to use interface

When it comes to Smart TV for Bedroom, a 43 Inch TV will be perfect, Samsung has some good set of 43 Inch TV’s that you can get for this purpose.

This model comes with 4K UHD resolution which is great if you watch from a distance. This TV comes with a refresh rate of 60 HZ which is best for watching movies and gaming which you can do in Bedroom.

When it comes to ports, this TV has 3 HDMI ports which you can use to connect a set top box or a gaming console. If you watch movies from pendrive or hard disk then the 2 included USB ports have fast data transfer rate.

For a TV in bedroom, sound should be good. Having a 20 W speaker with Dolby digital plus eliminates the need of additional speaker or soundbar with the TV.

Being a Smart TV, you get all the popular Streaming apps like Netfix, Hotstar and Prime video that you may like to watch content on. This TV also comes with Smart assistants like Bixby which can be used to control various functionalities of the TV using voice commands.

With the stylish design and good looks, this TV will be a great addition to your bedroom.

  • Sturdy design
  • Excellent Display Quality
  • Slim and attractive
  • Price is high

Sony Bravia 32W830 32 inch TV

Sony Bravia 32W830 32 inch TV

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Top Features:

  • Excellent Display
  • HD Resolution
  • HDR technology
  • X Reality Pro
  • Chromecast built in

If you have a small bedroom then the distance from the TV to your eyes will be less, in that case you need to consider a 32 inch smart TV which is good for viewing content in shorter distances.

Sony as we know is the best brand for smart TV in India based on the display quality. This model is one of the popular models from Sony in 32 inch TV segment.

With a resolution of HD having 1366X768 pixels, this TV will be great for watching content. It comes with a refresh rate of 60 HZ which can be considered good for gaming as well.

This TV has 3 HDMI ports which you can use to connect Fire TV or chromecast. You can also connect set top boxes from various cable TV provides so that you can watch live TV in your bedroom.

As the Samsung TV that we discussed above, this model also has a 20W speakers with Dolby audio which produces some great sound.

Being an Android TV, you get stock android interface and Android TV app store with which you can install all compatible apps easily. Sony has included chromecast inbuilt with this TV so you may not need an additional chromecast hardware to be connected.

You get Voice assistant support in this TV. You can use the Google assistant and Alexa here to control your smart home if you have a smart home setup.

The X Reality pro delivers clear image reproduction on the screen and the HDR technology makes the movie watching experience great.

  • HDR technology
  • Good sound
  • 3 HDMi ports
  • Resolution is less

LG 43LM5650PTA 43 Inch Smart TV

LG 43LM5650PTA 43 Inch Smart TV

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Top Features:

  • Sleek design
  • Full HD screen
  • 2 HDMI port
  • 20W speakers
  • WebOS

LG is a very popular brand in TV segment. LG TV’s are known for their build quality and feature that they offer in various price segment.

This model is a full HD 43 inch TV from LG which has a resolution 1920X1080 which is great for a TV in Bedroom. It has a 50HZ display which is suitable for gaming and movie watching.

When it comes to ports, this model as 2 HDMI ports which you can use to connect set top box or or laptop to get a big screen experience. This TV has only 1 USB port which can be used to connect pendrives.

For good sound quality LG has included 2.0 channel 20W speakers which has DTV virtual X technology for good sound output.

It comes with LG’s own interface WebOS which is user friendly and easy to work with. You get a good quality remote with this TV which you can point to the TV and use as a mouse.

With Active HDR technology in this TV, you can enjoy Hollywood movies. The display panel used here is of high quality which gives excellent image reproduction.

  • Slim Design
  • Excellent Display
  • Good Sound
  • Ports are limited

Mi 43 inch TV4XL43M4-4AIN 4K TV

Mi 43 inch TV4XL43M4-4AIN

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Top Features:

  • 4K dislay
  • HDR 10
  • 20w Speakers
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • Dolby Audio

In case you are looking for a best tv for bedroom under 30000 then Mi has many models available in the market. This model is one of the best selling 4K TV in the market that you can buy today.

It comes with 4K resolution at 3820 X 2160 which will provide a great viewing experience for movies in your bedroom. With the display refresh rate of 60 Hz you can game on the TV.

For ports, Mi has included 3 HDMI ports which you can use to connect set top box and gaming consoles and also 2 USB ports which provide fast data transfer so that you can use these ports for connecting pendrives and hard disks to watch movies.

In addition to that we have a 3.5mm jack which can be used to connect a speaker system to enhance the already great sound experience. This TV comes with 20W speakers with Dolby Audio and DTS-HD which creates a good listening experience for movies and music.

Being a TV from Mi, it has PatchWall interface which is easy to use and also responsive. This TV comes with HDR 10 which is great to watch in the 4K display making it one of the best bedroom tv that you can buy in India.

With the included 1 year warranty and good build quality this is a good option to consider as a TV for bedroom.

  • Good design
  • Smil profile
  • Excellent display
  • After sales service needs to be better

OnePlus Y Series 32Y1 32 inch TV

OnePlus Y Series 32Y1

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Top Features:

  • HD+ display
  • 20W Speakers
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • 2 USb ports
  • Stock Android

OnePlus is a brand which is popular when it comes to smartphones but now they are into TV segment as well. This model is one of the first TV from Oneplus and has received an excellent feedback from the customers.

This is a HD ready TV which has a resolution of 1366x768P with a refresh rate of 60Hz. This TV is good for small room like bedrooms.

When it comes to port selection it has 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports, you can use these ports to connect set top box or gaming consoles and get excellent display on the screen.

For speakers Oneplus has included 20W speaker with Dolby audio, if you want a 32 inch TV with good sound output then this is the option to consider.

This is a TV with stock android so you can install all the needed apps directly from the Android TV app store. In case you have setup smart home then google assistant added to this TV can help you control all the devices in your home.

OnePlus has tuned the display very well to reduce noise on the movies that you see and also produce excellent contrast so that you will have a good watching experience.

  • Sleek design
  • High quality display
  • Good sound
  • Limited availability and service

Buyer’s Guide

Why you need a TV in Bedroom?

Now a days TV are smart and they have many features that we do not get in old day TV’s. We like seeing content on many services like Netflix, Prime video, Hotstar and much more. These content provider and apps have continuity features in them, In case you stop watching a Movie or a Series in a particular place on a day or time, you can continue watching from the same spot in a different device like Mobile or Smart TV in different place with the same login.

When you place a TV in Bedroom, you can watch your favourite content any time that you spend in your bedroom. If you feel tired after a long day and want to take some rest, you can lay on the bed and watch TV in comfort.


Following are some advantages of having a TV in Bedroom

  • Easy to watch videos and movies before going to bed.
  • Continue watching movies and TV shows from where you have left earlier.
  • If you use a Laptop in your bedroom we can share the screen and use the TV as a big screen.
  • In case you have a smart TV in bedroom then you can cast your content to the screen using the included chromecast.
  • In case you have placed CCTV cameras in home then you can watch the live stream of things happening around your home from the bedroom
  • Watch live TV channels including the latest news from the bedroom itself.
  • Gaming is another thing that people do on big screen TV in bedroom. If you connect a gaming console to the TV then you can enjoy games in the comfort of bedroom.

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There are a lot of advantages of having a TV in bedroom but in some cases it can become as a disturbance as well.

  • If you watch TV while some one else is sleeping in the room then it may cause disturbance for them. Same case may happen the other way around if some one else watches TV while you are sleeping.
  • Another thing to consider here is that your sleeping routing may get affected if you have a TV in bedroom. Once you start watching your favourite show or movie at night before sleep, you may not be aware of the time passing by. If you regularly watch movies at night then you may be sleeping late which is not good for health.
  • When you are in bedroom with low amount of light, watching TV could produce strain on your eyes which is not good for long term.

Things to consider

Buying a TV is easy as you can visit an online store or any electronics and home appliances store and get a good option but when it comes to TV in bedroom, following points need to be checked to make a decision.

  • Size of the TV
  • Features available
  • Speakers
  • Price
  • Position to Place the TV

Let’s discuss the importance of the above mentioned points in detail.

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Size of the TV in Bedroom

This is one of the major factor to consider before buying any TV not only for bedroom, the TV should be selected based on the size of the room. There are some specifications and sizes for specific room sizes or the distance that we are from the TV while we watch content on it.

Screen SizeViewing Distance
24 to 28 inch3.2 to 5.5 feet
32 to 36 inch4 to 6 feet
37 to 39 inch6 to 8 feet
40 to 46 inch7 to 9 feet
47 to 55 inch8 to 10 feet
56 to 65 inch9 to 12 feet
more than 70 inch12 to 14 inch

The above mentioned table will give you a good idea on how you should select your TV for bedroom based on size and distance that you are going to watch.

As the size of a bedroom in India will be smaller compared to living room, we need to be sure that the size is appropriate so that we won’t have any eye strain while watching the content on TV. Best size of tv for bedroom should be around 36 to 49 inches as most of the bedrooms for home in India are small.


Before selecting the best tv for the bedroom we need to consider the various features that the TV provides. Smart TV’s are the way to go now and also for the days coming ahead.

If you are still relying on the cable TV connection then you can consider non smart LED TV’s but as a future proof option its better to get a Smart TV for bedroom than getting a normal one. When it comes to features we need to check the following which are most important.

  1. Smart TV features like Chromecast so that you can cast the content from phone to TV
  2. App store for TV app installations with which you can install all your favourite media apps.
  3. Types of ports available. HDMI ports are common in recent smart TV’s and depending on the number of ports that you have in a TV, you can connect multiple devices like Set top box, Gaming Consoles etc.
  4. If you are connecting a CCTV DVR to the TV then you may need multiple HDMI ports for connecting all devices.


Speakers is another important factor when you are in search for a bedroom TV. Having a small size bedroom makes need of a powerful speaker less, but in case your bedroom has a large size then you may need to get a TV and a soundbar to enjoy the movies that you watch on the TV. A TV with 20 to 40W speakers will be great to consider.


Price is a major factor for any device that you are going to buy. I would suggest you should select a TV with high price so that you get the best features if you are going to buy a Smart TV for Living Room.

If you are buying a TV for your Bedroom then maximum price of 40000 Rs should be considered as the TV in bedroom wont be used that much as compared to the TV that you have placed in your Living room. Just consider the important features that we have discussed and select the TV.

Position of Placing the TV in Bedroom

Now you know the best size tv for a bedroom and if you have purchased the TV then the next thing to consider is the placement of the TV. Any display that you see should be placed in an angle which comes in strait line to your eye sight.

This reduces eye strain and also while watching long movies in a high angle above the plane of your eye sight, you may experience neck pain and in long duration things will get uncomfortable.

Let me answer some common questions that people have in their minds about placing a TV in Bedroom

Is it unhealthy to have a TV in your bedroom?

We have discussed this before but to tell it precisely, there is nothing wrong in placing a TV in bedroom and there are many advantages as well.

One thing you need to consider here is that watching TV for long at night is not good for health. Either you should track the TV watching time at night of you should place a reminder to go to sleep at a specific time so that you are on schedule.

Have some light in the room while watching TV at night from bedroom so that you do not get any eye strain.

Where should a TV be placed in a bedroom?

We should consider the placement of a TV so that you do not have any strain watching content on it. Most people place the TV in front of the bed or the wall in the direction of your leg so that you get the maximum comfort while watching TV.

Placing the TV on the side wall of your bed wont be a great idea as you may need to watch TV in an angle which wont be comfortable for your eyes and neck. The experience wont be good in this case.

Conclusion on best TV for bedroom

Having a TV in bedroom will enhance your entertainment level if you use it according to the timings and also sleep well. Maintaining a distance from the screen and using some lighting in the room while watching TV is good. If all these options are met consider buying any of the options mentioned int he above list and you will be happy with the performance offered.In my choice the Samsung QA43Q60TAKXXL is a good option to consider as it provides all the features and an excellent display. Hope this post has helped you to find out the best size tv for a bedroom then share it with friends so that they can also get an idea on the same.

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