Best Website for Bollywood movies Download

Everyone like watching the latest movies, Watching movies in theatre is the best way to enjoy any movie for its full extent. But as in recent times it’s hard to go to a theatre, people are now watching movies in their home using online streaming platforms. Earlier there were websites like tamilrockers which provided content illegally for download the tamilrockers domain was taken down. Now we have may online streaming platforms which you can use to watch Bollywood movies online. Here I have sorted out some of the best Website for Bollywood movies Download.

Best Website for Bollywood movies Download

Before beginning with the list of websites lets talk about some issues that happened to ban the tamilrockers site. This website was very popular for posting latest released movies without any permissions. This caused legal issues which resulted in banning the tamilrockers official website and its domain. As there is no information about tamilrockers new domain the website seems to be taken down fully. This was a short note on how things went bad in case of tamilrocker.

Downloading movies legally is good so that you can watch it anytime anywhere. There are multiple websites that you can use to watch movies online as well as download movies.

Youtube Website for Bollywood Movie Download

Being the most popular website for video streaming and watching content, It has gained its popularity in short period of time. You can watch any content that you want in youtube by just searching for it. It’s really an innovative platform to watch and download movies. You have many apps that you can use to download the movies that you like from youtube. Apps like Tubemate for mobile or youtube downloader that is available for desktop. Youtube being the most famous search engine for videos and movies can be easily access through your mobile or desktop.

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You can watch paid or free movies in this platform by visiting from your browser. Being a large database for videos, you will be able to find all the videos and movies that you are looking for.

Disney + Hotstar Website for Bollywood Movie Download

Hotstar has grabbed people attention very soon with the amount of content and also the wide range of languages that it supports. It has some unique set of movies that no other video streaming services have. With the integration of Disney, Hotstar has some great Hollywood movies that you can watch in it. With high quality streaming and good collection of movies in different languages you can find the best experience when it comes to watching Bollywood movies.

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You also get options to download movies locally in your phone or PC which you can watch later on. With easy interface and different streaming options available this can be considered as one of the Website for Bollywood movies Download. The collection of Bollywood movies is huge here and also the quality of video is excellent. You can watch movies in 4K and 1080 P which will give an immersive experience.

Prime Video for Bollywood Movie Download

When it comes to Bollywood movie download, Prime video has a huge library that you can watch some epic titles. Most of the latest movies come to the public through Prime video. They also have a huge collection of movies from all languages that you can watch in HD and 4K. With descent amount of price, its easily one of the best site to watch Bollywood movies or also to download locally and watch later. With Prime video you can download any movies locally to your phone or PC if you have a paid subscription.

Best Website for Bollywood movies Download

When considered by the volume of movies in Bollywood that you can watch, this is the one of the biggest online movie watching platform in India. If you like old Hindi Movies and want to keep it locally with you then prime video is one of the best Website for Bollywood movies Download.

Netflix for Bollywood Movie Download

This is one of the most popular video streaming and downloading platform available in the world. The content that you can watch in Netflix is really premium and quality content. If you like Hollywood movies then Netflix is the platform for you which will give you the maximum value. You can get all the latest and hit movies from Bollywood and Hollywood here.

Best Website for Bollywood movies Download

The content in Netflix is in 4k and also with Dolby Atmos. You can enjoy movies in theatre effect from the comfort of your home. One thing to consider here is that the pricing of Netflix is a bit higher when compared to other streaming platforms but the quality of content that you get is excellent. If you are searching for the best Website for Bollywood movies Download and to watch then you can visit Netflix. The movies can be downloaded locally to your phone so that you can watch it any time.

Voot Website for Bollywood Movie Download

Voot is another platform for Bollywood movies. This platform has collection of old Hindi movies and if you like those kind of movies the Voot will be perfect for you. It has a wide range of movies available and the pricing is just perfect if you go for premium as well. You can watch and also download movies locally here to watch it later.

Best Website for Bollywood movies Download

Voot offers movies in great quality and also with excellent sound. You have access to many features in Voot compared to other streaming services even if you have a free account.


It’s a great experience to watch movies from home in a big screen in present situation. Getting high quality content through online make it very easy to take advantage of the movies and also stay entertained. It would be better to avoid websites like tamilrockers that promote illegal movie downloads. You have a wide range of apps and subscriptions online which you can take use of to watch great quality movies and content. They also offer download feature which you can use to download movies locally to your phone or PC and watch any time. Also you can install apps to your TV and watch movies there. In this section I have tried to list out some of the Best Website for Bollywood movies Download which offer quality content.

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