Best wireless home theater system in India

Are you searching for the best wireless home theater in India? Here are some options which will provide you the best entertainment experience.

There are a variety of brands and product models available in India when it comes to wireless home theater.

We need to make our selection based on our needs and the room sizes that we are going to place it.

Best wireless home theater system in India

Why we need a wireless home theater?

Home theater are a group of speakers that are placed in your room to provide a theater like experience at home.

Most home theater system that are available in the market are wired.

If we buy a home theater, usually it would have a subwoofer and satellite speakers.

The subwoofer acts as a central hub and each satellite speaker is placed in corners of the rooms so that sound is heard from all direction.

This setup will replicate a theater like feel at home.

The main issue here is wires. As we know, a speaker system like home theater comes with 5 to 7 satellite speakers.

Each speaker is connected to the main unit through wires. If you want to place these satellites in different locations, then you will see wires running around.

This may affect the looks of the setup. People like a clean setup with no wires visible.

How to solve this problem is a question here

  • You can solve this issue by concealing the wires when the home is built. This would avoid any visible wires.
  • The second option is to get a wireless home theater system.

Different configuration of wireless home theaters

These systems come in two main configs

5.1 channel and 7.1 channel wireless home theater system.

5.1 Channel wireless home theater system

This is the most common system that you can get. As the name suggests, this model comes with 5 satellite speakers and 1 woofer which acts as main unit.

People prefer this setup as it takes much less space and the setup process is easy.

Another thing here is that, if you have a wired 5.1 channel speaker system setup, having less satellite is always good.

7.1 Channel wireless home theater system

If you have a large room and want to place speakers in all corners and sides of your couch, then a 7.1 channel system would be great to consider.

You should be able to manage wires well because there will be a lot of wires running around.

This system is usually used in large homes and halls.

How did we create this list of the best wireless home theater system in India

This list was created after testing different models of wireless home theaters from JBL, Sony, Philips, Blaupunkt, LG and Samsung.

There are many aspects considered here for creating this list. We will discuss those in detail below.

When it comes to speakers, following are some key points

  • Wattage of the speaker
  • Build quality
  • Features on offer
  • Easiness of the setup
  • Price of the system
  • Looks

These points would determine how the home theater would look and perform.

Just getting a speaker system and connecting it to your entertainment unit is not enough.

As in any home, the TV and the speaker system would be placed in the living room and will be a main attraction.

We need to consider a speaker that looks great and matches to the setup that we have.

Main priority we gave is for the sound and the bass. For all you bass heads, the woofer is a key part to consider.

Best wireless home theater system

Sony HT-S40R 5.1 Channel home theater

Sony HT-S40R 5.1 Channel home theater

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Output power600W
Number of satellites2
FeaturesVoice enhance, Dolby Audio

User Review

We started our testing with Sony first, and we had high hopes with this model, the HT-S40R. Sony has always been our favorite when it comes to home theater speakers.

This is one of the best wireless home theater system under 30000 that you can get in India. It comes with all the needed features.

Being a 5.1 channel speaker system, it is easy to setup. It comes with real surround sound technology which would provide an immersive experience.

The main unit here is a 3 channel soundbar which you can place with your TV and wireless rear speakers.

Also, there is a subwoofer which you can place near to the unit.

Soundbar is designed in such a way that it provides sound from all directions.

Total output that you get from this system is 600W, which is perfect for a theater like experience at home.

You can connect the system wirelessly to the TV. This makes it easy to position the speaker and the woofer.

Dolby audio support is an added advantage. You get a 5.1 channel audio here with Dolby Digital feature.


  • Solid build quality
  • Easy to setup
  • Sleek looks and design
  • Good sound output
  • Clear voice and bass


  • Limited features
  • Wireless streaming not supported

JBL Bar 5.1 channel home theater

JBL Bar 5.1 channel home theater

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Output power510W
Number of satellites2
FeaturesSoundshift, Dolby Digital DTS, Soundshift technology

User Review

When it comes to speakers and home theater systems, JBL is a brand that we cannot miss out.

They have some great set of products in the market in budget as well as premium segment.

JBL Bar 5.1 is a perfect option to consider in the wireless home theater segment as it comes with a good set of features needed for any home.

Speaker power output that we get here is 510W, which is less compared to the Sony HT-S40R that we checked earlier.

In our testing, the bass was balanced in this model. Even though Sony had a balanced sound, the bass was better at high volumes in the JBL.

The main attraction of this 5.1 channel speaker system is the 4K soundbar. It is a detachable soundbar where you can remove the satellites from the main unit.

This feature adds flexibility to the setup. Satellite speakers are wireless which you can place at any location of your home.

Being battery powered, you can set up the satellite at any place without any wires.

It comes with Bluetooth support so that you can wirelessly stream music from your phone or laptop.

The dimension of the subwoofer here is 250 mm or 10 inch, which is great for this price.

As we discussed HDMI ARC support, having it in this speaker system enables controlling the entire unit with a single remote.

Soundshift technology from JBL makes it easy to switch the sound output easily from TV to the speaker and vice versa.


  • Excellent bass output
  • Clear voice
  • Easy setup
  • Looks great with any TV unit


  • Wi-Fi streaming is not available
  • Price is a bit high for the specs

Sony HT-A3000 5.1.2 channel speaker system

Sony HT-A3000 5.1.2 channel speaker system

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Output power200W
Number of satellites2
FeaturesDolby Atmos, DTS:X, Sound Field Optimization

User Review

Back to Sony again as we felt this is one of the best option to consider in the premium segment.

HT-A3000 from Sony falls in premium segment of wireless home theater systems.

It comes with a list of features that will definitely be worth if you want the best available in the market.

In our testing, we noticed that the 360 spacial sound mapping works the best with Sony. The system is able to determine the location of each unit and map the sound accordingly.

Advantage of having this system is that, you will not feel any variation in sound even if you are in any location in the room.

It would be beneficial if you watch a movie with many people in the room. All will hear the same sound and level of clarity in all directions.

Coming to highlighting feature of this speaker system. It comes with Dolby Atmos, which takes things to another level.

It has 7.1.2 channel Dolby Atmos and DTS: X making it a perfect option for movie lovers.

Connect this to a large TV or projector, you will experience the next level of entertainment.

Sound Field Optimization technology is built in, making the sound to be calibrated according to the ambient noise in the room.

Bravia Acoustic Center Sync is another feature of this system which enhances the dialogues and treble from the speakers.

The subwoofer used here is compact in design, but very powerful. It has an output of 200W and a 160 mm driver.

Wireless rear speakers have built-in battery and have a battery life of 10 hours, which is enough to watch 2 movies.


  • Sleek looks
  • Small subwoofer, easy to be placed
  • Excellent sound output at high volumes
  • Great build


  • Price is a high
  • Wireless streaming options are limited

Samsung 540 W 9.1.4 channel wireless home theater

Samsung 540 W 9.1.4 channel wireless home theater

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Output power540W
Number of satellites9
FeaturesDolby Atmos, eARC, Wi-FI, Spotify and Airplay

User Review

Samsung has some great set of wireless home theater speakers in India and this model is the best-selling one.

This is a 9.1.4 channel home theater system which has excellent sound output and features.

It has an output of 540W, which is best in this segment. Having multiple set of speakers is an added advantage here in managing the sound output.

The 17 speaker arrangement is done in such a way that sound is blasted in all directions, making it a 360 system.

To control your smart home, this home theater speaker comes with Samsung SmartThings App support.

You can control lights, fans and any device in your home connected to the network.

A unique feature in this speaker system is that it comes with Wi-Fi, which enables streaming of music using Spotify and Apple airplay.

Dolby Atmos is present in this speaker system, and it would be a great choice to consider for you movie lovers.

In terms of connectivity, we get HDMI eARC support, which we discussed earlier. It helps in easily connecting the speaker system to the TV.

You can control TV and the home theater with a single remote.

Other feature like 4K video pass through and HDR 10+ makes this a go-to option.


  • Excellent sound output
  • Easy Setup
  • Wireless streaming
  • Dolby Atmos works wonders


  • Price is a bit hight
  • At high volumes, there is some rattling

Buyer’s Guide

Let me explain the above-mentioned points in detail.

AS I mentioned, to buy the best wireless home theater speaker system, we need to check with the above listed points.

Wattage of the speaker and woofer

This is a key factor which tells you, how the sound output from the speaker would be.

Wattage depends on the unit size and also the internal speakers used. It may vary from 400 to 1000W.

Mode the wattage, the more power the system could provide.

For high-end home theater, the wattage would be high. High wattage speakers can provide real theater like experience in home.

Also, if you have used low wattage speakers, the sound may crack when we increase volume to the max.

Here, as we are thinking for the best home theater wireless systems, wattage of the system should be high to fulfil our needs.

Build quality

This is an important factor for any gadget or electronic device. When it comes to speakers, it should have good build.

Usually speakers come with a cavity inside which helps sound to be boosted. If the material with which the speaker is built is not good, then it would create cracking noise.

To get a stable sound even at high volumes, the speaker and specifically the woofer should be made of high quality wood.

The feet of the woofer and speaker should keep it stable on the ground. It would help if keeping the sound output better.

A speaker with good build quality will have some heft to it. This also helps in producing good sound output.

Features on offer

Another aspect that people look into before buying a wireless home theater system in India is the features that a brand offers and how is it better.

When it comes to features for home theater, there is a list for this. Some of the popular features are

  • Bluetooth support
  • HDMI ARC support
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Smart Home support
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Airplay support

Let’s discuss these in detail

Bluetooth support

This is a common feature that most speakers have nowadays. It makes streaming music from any mobile or laptop easy.

Latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 would make things even better. It helps in pairing multiple speakers together and create a stereo pair.

Bluetooth also helps in connecting a TV directly to the speaker system without any wires. This makes the setup cleaner.


ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. It is a feature that makes it convenient to use your TV and home theater.

Wireless home theater with HDMI ARC support would make things easy for you.

Using HDMI ARC, you can control the entire setup, including your TV and home theater using a single remote.

Also, your speaker system does not need to be turned ON separately, as it will switch itself ON when the TV is turned ON.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Home theater systems with Wi-Fi connection are a great addition to your entertainment unit.

Wi-Fi connection adds more features like online streaming of music from Spotify and Pandora.

Also other feature like Apple airplay music streaming supports make things even better.

You will also be able to control the speakers with the included app remotely, which adds more value to the product.

Smart home support

Homes are now becoming smart and this is going to increase in the future. A smart home makes your life easier in many ways.

People buy separate smart speakers to set up their smart home, like Google Nest Hub and Alexa smart speakers.

If the smart assistant is integrated to the home theater system that you buy, won’t it be great?

You may not need to buy a dedicated speaker to set up your smart home in this case.

Premium speakers from Sony, Bose and LG come with Alexa and Google Assistant support built in.

Dolby Atmos in home theater

This is a trending feature in the speaker segment and people who want to setup a theater at home, they will ask specifically for this.

Dolby Atmos takes your entertainment to the next level. You will feel real sound that you would hear when you watch a movie.

This makes you feel as if you are in the location. Having this feature would be good for any Movie or music lover.

Even though Dolby Atmos is available in high-end music system, if you want an ultimate entertainment wireless home theater system, then this is a feature that you should not miss.

Airplay support

People who are in Apple ecosystem would know about the advantages of having this feature.

Apple Music supports Airplay, and it helps in streaming your music and sound from movies that you watch on your iPhone or iPad to the speaker system.

If are an iPhone or iPad user, then you should consider a home theater with Apple Airplay support.

Price of the system

Wireless home theater systems come with premium pricing. If you need the ultimate experience, you should keep price at the last of the list while looking for a home theater.

High price speaker systems from brands like Sony, JBL, Bose and LG would do justice with the sound output and the list of features that they provide.

Looks of the speaker system

This is also an important aspect that people look into. As I mentioned earlier, a home theater would be placed in a living room or dedicated home theater room that you have in your home.

It would act as the center of attraction when guest arrive at home. The looks of the system is equally important here.

A sleek looking soundbar and woofer with wireless satellites around the room would enhance the looks and also would be a communication starter.

FAQ on best wireless home theater system in India

Is there wireless home theater?

We have discussed many options from wireless home theater that we can find in India. Wireless speaker systems are great to have in your home compared to a wired system because of the easiness of the setup.

Also, you can avoid any wires running around, making the setup clean.

Which is the best wireless home theater system in India?

If you need the best sound out put from a home theater system then consider the Sony HT-A3000 which in our testing performed great.

The only disadvantage that we noticed with the HT-3000 from Sony is the limited connectivity options.

Presently devices being smart, it would be better to have a device that support Wi-Fi connectivity and also Apple CarPlay and Spotify.

In our testing we checked Samsung 540 W 9.1.4 channel wireless home theater which performed well and also had all the latest features needed including Dolby Atmos, Spotify and Apple car play support.

Is there wireless 5.1 system?

Yes, we have wireless 5.1 and 7.1 home theater systems available in the market. The Sony and the JBL that we have listed above and 5.1 speaker systems that you can check out.

They provide excellent surround sound experience with minimal disturbances in high volume as well.

The advantage of 5.1 systems over 7.1 is that they are much compact and also can easily be setup in a small room.

If you are planning to setup a home theater for a large hall, then consider checking 7.1 channel wireless speaker systems.


Wireless home theater speakers are becoming popular nowadays due to the easy setup and clean looks.

Getting a speaker system is easy, but the right one is difficult.

Any option listed above will suit your needs and will be value for money.

If you like this post, please share with friends who are looking to buy a wireless 5.1 or 7.1 channel home theater.

Thanks for reading.

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