BMW Digital Key Plus supported cars can now be unlocked using Android Phone

BMW Digital Key Plus supported cars can now be unlocked using Android Phone

BMW had introduced a feature in iPhone earlier to unlock cars, which was welcomed by users. Now, BMW is bringing this feature to Android phones as well, which will make this feature more accessible to car owners.

BMW Digital Key Plus

This integration is done using Digital key plus. Presently, this feature would be limited to some phones by Samsung and Pixel phones. If you have a BMW vehicle manufactured after November 2022, this feature will work. BMW has also mentioned as this update will be available in older version of their cars with an update.

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How to setup BMW digital key plus

Digital key plus feature will be available in phones which support ultra-wide band. The car also should have support to UWB for this to work. After enabling this feature, you can unlock and lock the car without the use of a key.

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The Digital Key plus technology enables locking and unlocking like Tesla cars. User can setup unlocking the car when they approach it and also lock the car when they go away. Same access can be shared with 5 users in a family, and they also can lock and unlock the car using it.

Is Ultra Wideband key technology safe for cars?

BMW has confirmed on this as it is a safe technology for cars. UWB technology is safe from relay attack, which makes it a great alternative for tradition key lock and unlock.

Phones that support BMW digital key plus

Following are the list of phones that support keyless unlocking using BMW digital key plus.

Pixel : Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro

Samsung : Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23 Plus, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and 3, S22 Ultra and Plus models, S21 ultra and plus models

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