What is CCTV full form and its types

When you hear or read that you are under CCTV surveillance in any place, the first though that comes into our mind is what is CCTV in full form. Which I have also thought most of the time that I had read it in many places.

CCTV Full Form in Detail

Each time I think of it, I search it, but I forget it. So what is a CCTV camera?

CCTV stands for closed circuit television also it can be mentioned as video surveillance. Nowadays, these cameras are installed in all places where people gather and in public places like airports, railway stations and bus stops in common. In process of finding the full form of CCTV and its uses. I have read many articles and came to know it in detail.

CCTV full form

This is a major security factor for banks and ATMs, where they are always watching a person who is entering and exiting. CCTV cameras capture each and every movement happening in front of them and store it in a NAS (Network attached storage) or they even store things in cloud.

There are many types of CCTV cameras available in the market, and they have different purposes.

Here I will tell you about some of the common models that are widely used in India in different places, and also we can find out if you are looking to install a CCTV camera then how to install it and what are its advantages. Knowing the CCTV full form is not enough, we also need to know its uses and how it works.

What are CCTV cameras?

As we had mentioned the full form of CCTV camera earlier, you might have some idea from the name itself. It’s a closed circuit camera which transfers video, audio or both through wired or wireless transmission.

CCTV cameras also work in low light as they have infra-red night vision in them, which will help them in seeing at night.

So there is no stopping CCTV camera to record you. If you are in a surveillance then be alert and think of what you are doing as someone will be watching you or the camera is recording your activity.

Uses of CCTV cameras

The main use of a CCTV camera is surveillance. They are fixed in a place where they could be chance of theft or any illegal activity could occur. Public places normally take advantage of CCTV cameras the most.

There could be some illegal activity like bag snatching, robbery or pick pocket in a public place which is a CCTV camera placed in that location might have recorded it. This can help the authority to find the person in a recorded video and track him or her.

A camera always watching a place is an added advantage and is a confidence booster. It also helps in reducing illegal activities in that place because bad guys, if they know that there is a camera placed in that location, they will never try to do something that could help to catch them.

Types of CCTV cameras

There are many types of CCTV cameras used in INDIA but some are common.

  1. Dome Camera
  2. Bullet camera
  3. C-Mount camera
  4. Day/Night camera
  5. PTZ camera

Dome security camera

Dome camera is one of the common camera that you might have seen in a household or in an office. Dome cameras have an advantage as they can confuse people.

Their over cover looks like a dome light, so it’s called as a dome camera. The advantage of a dome camera is that due to the tinted outer glass used in the dome, the person near the camera cant see where the camera is in focus.

CCTV full form

These type of cameras are mostly seen in banks and jewelry shops.


  • Dome camera have a minimal look and in some cases they can’t be noticed. They are less in price compared to other variants of cameras.
  • Installation of a dome camera is quite simple.
  • The night vision feature of a dome camera is an advantage. They can keep track of things going around in extreme dark environment as well.

Check out some of the popular dome cameras available in INDIA

Best CCTV Camera in India and full form

Tp-Link Smart Cam Pan Tilt Home CCTV Camera

TP link is known brand in India for making routers and networking equipments Now they are into the CCTV camera segment as well. This model from TP link is one of their popular models in CCTV camera for home category.

CCTV full form

Main Highlights:

  • This has a 360 degree rotating head so that it can pan through all the places around it.
  • It has infrared night vision which is clear at night and can easily track any movements.
  • The camera head can move 114 degree and view whats going around.
  • It has a 30 feet coverage even at night so that it can clearly see in long distances in night as well.
  • Motion detection feature is an added advantage so that it will notify you if any movement in front.
  • Mobile app give you live view and detection notifications.
  • Ceiling mount comes with the camera which help to install it upside down on the ceiling.
  • Micro SD card support is available so that you can store the recordings locally in the camera itself.
  • Low price and good features
  • Night vision is good
  • Capture range is 30 feet which is good
  • Head rotation with 360 degree view
  • Can be used indoors and out doors
  • Night recording can be better
  • Service of TP link is not that great.

Imou Indoor WiFi Security CCTV Camera

This is an indoor specific camera. The Imou brand is new to Indian market, and they are bringing some good cameras to the segment. The price is competitive, and their products are good in quality.

As this camera is only for indoor use, you cannot hand it into a wall and use it outdoors. This type of camera are basically used for keeping track of children, and you’re homemade.

This also can be used in small offices and work places as this has a good view range. It has a dedicated camera app by which you can see the live broadcast of what the camera sees.

CCTV full form

This is the ranger 2 model from Imou there are 3 other models that are available in the market.

Main Highlights:

  • Full HD video recording.
  • 33 Feet recording range, which is first in this segment.
  • 360 degree vision available
  • Smart tracking automatically follows moving person.
  • AI inbuilt for better recording and movement detection.
  • Sound detection and instant alerts.
  • Can be easily placed indoors so that we can track babies, and kids.
  • AI motion detection feature is good.
  • 33 feet of recording is an advantage.
  • Automatic movement tracking is best in class.
  • Only indoor placement is possible.
  • Price can be better

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Bullet security cameras

Bullet cameras are popular models in India and can be seen in many places like malls and railway stations. These cameras are one way pointing cameras and cant be turned as the dome cameras.

I am talking about the low end one, but the higher end bullet cameras can turn their view and pan to see what’s going around.

The design of a bullet camera is made to accommodate lenses that can zoom to a longer distance. A typical bullet camera can see around 130 feet, which is higher than the dome camera, which is limited to 40 feet.

This makes the bullet camera the go-to CCTV cameras for large places like auditoriums, Airports and other public places. They can track things from a distance easily. This can also be used as a security camera in home as well

Lets see some of the popular bullet cameras available in Indian market.

Imou IP67 Weatherproof Outdoor Security Bullet CCTV Camera

We have checked the dome camera from this brand, but this bullet camera is having much more features compared to the dome one. This camera can be used inside or outside as this is water-resistant with IP67 rating.

Main Features:

  • IP67 Water resistance
  • Built in Wifi hotspot
  • Live tracking with compatible app.
  • Simple and easy user interface.
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Works with Alexa and google assistant.
  • IP67 Rating is good to use camera outside
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Good wifi reception and long range.
  • Wifi hotspot included to extend network
  • Micro SD card support
  • Night vision is good.
  • Long range view can be better
  • Microphone should be better

Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP CCTV Camera

Hikvision is one of the popular brands in CCTV cameras in India. You can find their camera in many places. They produce some quality products and bring it to the market.

This model is a DVR model and can’t work alone as the cameras we checked above. It can be connected with a series of cameras, and you can place it in different locations which you want to monitor. All are wired to a DVR which stores recording from the cameras.

They also have live streaming available in it with their app.

Main Features:

  • This is a water-resistant model and can be used outdoors
  • Good quality build
  • Has a 1080 P recording and can record in 30 FPS
  • Infrared night vision available
  • Can connect multiple cameras to DVR and stream from multiple locations.
  • 1080 P recording with 30 fps
  • Good quality build
  • IR sensor and range unto 20 meters.
  • IP rating so that this can be mounted outside.
  • Can work only with DVR.
  • Wired network is needed.

The above models are some of the popular models commonly used in INDIA.

Other models like C- mount and Day night cameras are more used in western countries and are not yet popular in India.

Conclusion: CCTV in full form

CCTV cameras are a major part of security and safety nowadays, as they always keep an eye on what is going around and keep us updated.

We have considered some of the best security cameras in INDIA and also tried to explain the full form of CCTV so that you can tell if anyone asks, or you don’t want to think much if you are in front of a CCTV camera.

If you have to know more about CCTV cameras, please add it into comments so that we will update you on the same.

If you like this section, please comment and add your suggestions so that we could improve.

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