How to convert WebP to JPG and JPG to WebP

Image conversion is one of the things that we usually do because in some cases, apps that we are looking to upload an image does not support the image format that we have. So at recent time we are hearing more about WebP images and if you are having a website google is preferring WebP images for better search engine optimization as it will take less space and are easier to load. So let me share you the process of how to convert WebP to JPG and to convert JPG to WebP.

Requirements to convert WebP to JPG

First, you should have a WebP image downloaded to your system.

You need access to the internet.

Now that you have both of the above-mentioned, you can convert WebP to JPG file.


  1. Click on this link
How to convert webp to jpg

2. You must have downloaded a WebP image in your local storage. If so, click on choose file button and navigate to the place where you have stored the WebP image.

  • Here I am using a test.webp image for demonstration.
convert webp to jpg
  • So I have gone to the storage location and selected the file needed.
webp to jpg upload
  • After selecting the file, you will see the file displayed in the page
conert webp to jpg image selection
  • Click on the upload button at the bottom to start the process.
upload webp image

After the upload is completed, you will see a new screen with options to edit the WebP image and also the preview of the image that you have uploaded.

Here you can use the tools shown to edit the image with

  • Adding text
  • Rotate
  • Resize
  • Add effects as well.

If you need to do the edits or else, you can just click on the “Convert to JPG” button at the bottom.

convert to jpg button

After clicking the “Convert to JPG” button, you will see a new section showing converted image to JPG

save converted to jpg image

Here, you can click on the Save button to download the converted JPG image.

Now go to your downloads folder and check for the converted image in JPG format.

final jpg image

You this is how to convert WebP to JPG easily. You can also do the opposite i.e. convert JPG to WebP as well.


This is one of the easiest process to covert WebP to JPG. If you have any other methods known, add it in the comment section below so that others can also check it out.

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