EXIDE Integra 700 and 1000 : Best inverter UPS for home

If you are planning to buy an inverter for your home then check-out the EXIDE Integra 700 which is the best one that you can get now

Exide is the number one of the best battery manufacture in India. Most shops and online store also have their products.

Here we are checking out inverters from Exide. Integra 700 is one of their latest product which is selling like hot cakes in the market.

It comes with a set of unique features that other brands does not offer in this price range.

EXIDE Integra 700

This product is design to provide uninterrupted power backup for homes during power outages.

There are two models to consider here. Integra700 and Integra1000 are the available options.

You need to select the model based on your power requirements.

How did we create this review on Exide intergra 700 inverter UPS?

We purchased the product in February 2023 and have been using the Integra 700 for the last two months.

This review is completely based on our testing of the product and the features that we liked and disliked with it

In summer, power cuts and outages are common, last year we had faced this issue and to avoid it we planned to set up an inverter at home.

Exide intergra 700 inverter UPS

We went through various brands like Luminous, V-Guard and Microtek. While browsing the internet, we came across the Exide Integra 700. The main thing that attracted us is its design and ease of installation.

Once this inverter was fixed, it solved most of our issues with the power outages.

We were able to control all the essential appliances at home like, Fans, lights and coolers which helped in reducing the heat.

Exide intergra 700 wall mount

As summer stared, kids and guests are at home. It is a huge issue with kids when the power goes off during the daytime.

Kids cannot bare the heat, which makes them restless. Since we got this inverter, they are able to stay in home without issues even if there is a long power cut.

Specifications and features of the Exide Integra inverter

The integra is an integrated Pure Sine Wave Home UPS system with inbuilt Li-Ion battery.

It comes with 60 Months warranty against manufacturing defects on both inverter and battery, which is a peace of mind and confidence when we buy a product.

Usually when we install inverters, they need to be placed on the floor, which consumes the space in the room. The Integra is a wall mounted inverter, which makes it a good option to consider for homes which are small.

This being a Li-Ion system needs very less maintenance and provides high life-cycle.

Common inverters that we see use lead acid batteries, which are dangerous and produce fumes. It could be harmful for children in your home.

Also, Li-ion batteries are cleaner and easy to maintain.

Two models available in the market have different rating. The Integra700 is a wattage of 450 watts and the Integra1000 has an output of 720 watts.

The system is completely automated, and it is able to regulate the charging and discharging cycle.

It is able to maintain the battery cycles by managing the maximum and minimum charge levels.

One of the highlighting feature of the Integra inverter is the included Display

Display in Integra700 and Integra1000

The display is really handy in this inverter. It comes with a tri-color which you can use as a touch screen as well.

Display shows a real time clock and the ambient temperature of your room. Also, basic functions like the backup time and charging are shown in it.

display of integra700

Color of the display varies according to the mode that it is in. In backup mode the display stays white and in recharging mode it is shown as green.

option in integra

There is a dedicated protection mode in this system which makes the display glow in red color.

Also, modes like overload protection and short-circuit protection are displayed on the screen.

LCD display of integra

With the included Display, this Inverter is a value for money product that you can buy for your home.

Comparison between Integra 700 and Integra 1000

SpecsIntegra 700Integra 1000
Dimensions in mm665 X 405 X 140665 X 405 X 140
Wattage450W / 563VA720W / 900VA
Weight in KG22.625.9
Current in Amps58
Operation time in hours2.53 hours

Advantages and disadvantages Exide Integra 700 inverter

Advantages on Exide Integra

  • Minimal design
  • Wall mountable
  • Interactive LCD
  • Easy to maintain
  • Space-saving
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to setup
  • Sleek looks


  • Limited availability
  • Price is a bit high
  • Battery capacity can be higher for connecting more devices

Unboxing and setup of Exide Integra 700 and 1000

The unboxing experience was simple enough. It comes with all the needed items in the box.

We get the following items in the box.

  • User manual
  • Power cable
  • Exide integra inverter

Setup of the inverter

  • Take the inverter out of the box.
  • Drill holes in the wall and mount the inverter on the wall
Make sure that the inverter is mounted near to the inverter socket.
  • Once the inverter is mounted, take the power plug and plug it in the wall socket for the inverter.
  • Press the power button and the inverter will boot up.
  • Once started, it will show the present input current and also the battery charge.
  • If the battery of the inverter is not full, it will go to charging state.

Price of Exide Integra 700 and Integra 1000

The two variants of Exide Integra inverter come in different price range

The Integra 700 comes in a price of 32999 rupees and the Integra 1000 has a price of 39999 rupees.

With the features and the simplicity of the product, the price seems fair enough. Still, we felt the wattage can be more to run some more appliances at the same time.


EXIDE Integra 700 and the Integra 1000 are the best in the Inverter segment for now as it provides, sleek looks and easy to install options.

One thing that the company could improve is the battery capacity so that it could handle more appliances at home.

If you are searching for the best inverter for home this year, then you should definitely consider the Exide Integra series.

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