Geek Aire Rechargeable Fan Review

During summer season if we go out or visit a place we may feel the heat. if we are waiting for a bus in the bus stand or a train in the railway station we can feel that heat if we don’t have a Fan running near by. In that case it will be really handy if we have a rechargeable hand held fan with us so that we can just take it out from the bag and beat the heat. Here I have tried to review the Geek Aire Rechargeable Fan which is a really handy device that you can carry around easily and use it to cool yourself in hot summer.

This fan comes in two sizes like 4 Inch and 5 Inch variant and you can select them based on your need. A portable fan makes it really easy to carry in your bag and use it in any place. It comes with a rechargeable battery which can run the fan for at-least 5 hours which is great considering the size of the fan.

Geek Aire Rechargeable Fan

Why to buy a rechargeable fan?

Following are some points that make a rechargeable fan a great device to have with.

Size: Due to its miniature design and size you can use it in any places without any issues

Weight: Light weight of the fan helps to easily carry it to different places.

Long operation time: Due to the low load motor and light weight fan this fan can run for around 5 to 6 hours based on the speed that you use it.

Variable speed: As per the speed requirement you can adjust the speed of the fan with a single button click.

Features of the Geek Aire Rechargeable fan

Geek Aire Rechargeable Fan


This fan comes in three colors that you can find online.

Geek Aire Rechargeable Fan
  • Black
  • White
  • Gold

I liked all the colors available but the white and the gold look classy and minimalistic.


The geek aire rechargeable fan comes in 2 sizes.

  • 5 Inch model
  • 4 Inch model

The difference between these model is that the rotating leaf size will vary accordingly. Lower the size the less the airflow you will get. But when the size is reduced it makes the fan easier to carry around.

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This fan comes with 5 operational mode or 5 speeds. The low speed is good if you want an air flow like a breeze but as you start increasing the speed the air flow will increase and it can cover more area with higher speed.

rechargeable fan modes

In my observation, the 3 and 4 speed levels are the perfect spot for any one using it. In case you are in a place where heat is very high you can use the 5th level.

Charging options

The geek aire rechargeable fan comes with a charging dock which you can use to place the fan to charge it. the dock has a micro USB port in it which when fan is placed connect to the fan’s charging point and charges the fan.

charging dock

Another advantage here is that you do not need to carry the dock to all the places as you can charge the fan without dock. The fan comes with an inbuilt micro USB port which you can connect to a Power bank and charge the fan.

This feature comes really handy when you are travelling.

Also if you are travelling in a car you can also charge the fan using the car charger which is really useful.

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Even though this fan comes in the budget segment the build quality of the fan is excellent. Geek Air rechargeable fan comes with ABS plastic build which will help to keep this fan in good condition for long even if you are carry it in your bag and use it on different places.

geek aire design

The Dock is also made of good quality plastic which is an added plus.

Battery life

Battery life is another feature that makes the geek aire rechargeable fan a good choice if you are planning to buy a hand held rechargeable fan. The geek aire comes with a 2600 mah battery which can run the fan at-least for 5 to 6 hours which is great when you are travelling or need to wait for some time in a place.

geek aire feature

In my experience it never stops and keeps running when you need it. With the included 2600 mah battery it has always satisfied my needs in all occasions.


The 4 Inch power bank comes with a 2600 mah battery and it also can be removed and be used as a power back which can charge your phone with. This comes really handy when you are travelling.

geek aire fan

The bottom handle is the part which can be changed as a power bank and you can detach it from the fan section. Here you will get a full size USB port which you can plug in your smartphone cable and charge the phone.

power bank fan

The Fan and the power bank can be separated so that you can use the handle part as an actual power bank to charge other gadgets.

rechargeable power bank

Air flow

In my experience this fan could provide excellent air flow with its 6 blade design. With 5 Speed settings and the brushless DC motor it can provide an air speed upto 27ft/second. This is great for a personal fan that you can use in your office

Review as a user

I am using the 5 Inch version of this fan for last 2 months and it has served me well. It has come really handy while travelling especially while visiting hospitals and also during functions. In places where we don’t have access to AC or a Ceiling or Fan of any kind this geek air rechargeable fan has come really handy.

Its battery lasts really long and you will never feel the heat as in the high settings it provides apt amount of air flow that you may need at any situations.

The charging speed was a bit on the slower side as it took more than 2 hours to charge even though it has a small battery size.

  • Good build quality
  • Long Battery life
  • Nice features like power bank included
  • High air flow
  • Slow in charging


If you are planning to buy a portable fan that you can carry around and take to any place that you are going then this is one of the best rechargeable fan’s that you can find in India under 2000 Rs.

The features like an included power bank really comes handy while you are travelling which you can use to charge your gadgets like phone or tablet.

I think you will be happy in getting any of the above mentioned product and it will surely satisfy your needs

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