Goggle Bard: Here are all things to know about Google AI Chatbot

Here are all things to know about the AI Chatbot Goggle Bard. In the AI race, Google has brought many unique features and integration to make Bard better.

Goggle Bard

ChatGPT has created a boom on the AI segment, which has forced other AI chatbots to come to existence. Google has created their own AI chatbot which is called as Bard. ChatGPT is backed up by Microsoft. There are some key difference between Bard and ChatGPT, which we will discuss here. Before that, we need to know what is Bard and how does it work.

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What is Google Bard?

Like ChatGPT, Bard is an AI chatbot from Google with which you can communicate. Google on the I/O which happened in the month of May made it clear that their AI is evolving and have a lot of development recently. Like ChatGPT, Bard can also generate responses and understand human interaction. In the event, Google released it to 180 countries around the world.

Google Bard works based on LLM (Large Language Model) with which it is able to understand user questions and provide answers accordingly. Bard is a neural network that imitates the human brain in the form of a computer.

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We have been using Google search for a long time now. People all around the world use Google for daily search needs on internet. Bard is a bit different. It’s like communicating or chatting with the computer and getting the response.

How to start using Bard?

The process to use Bard is very simple, you can use it from both desktop or mobile OS. There is a dedicated link that you may need to visit to start with. Go to bard.google.com and login using Google account. Now you will be redirected to Bard home page. Here you can enter your query and get the result.

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Bard makes interaction natural, and you just need to type your query. Also, there are other advantages of Bard over ChatGPT, which we will discuss in a coming section.

Is Bard secure to use?

Like chat ChatGPT, the questions that you ask Bard are saved, and the conversation is not. Bard being in experimental phase, it’s advised not to provide sensitive information to Bard.

Bard activity delete

If you feel as the information that you provided to Bard should not be saved, then it can be deleted easily. Click on the “Bard Activity” button at the side panel and click on delete button on the resulting page.

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How is Google Bard better than ChatGPT?

ChatGPT was launched earlier than Bard. AI models are expected to learn from the interaction with people. This will help them gather more information into their database. Even though ChatGPT came earlier, Bard has many advantages here.

Information in ChatGPT is from 2021 and not the latest

Bard when compared to ChatGPT has the latest information compared to ChatGPT. So Bard can provide a better result matching the present trends. Due to a large information database on Google, Bard can use it to provide a much accurate result compared to ChatGPT.

Google Bard can export text

Unlike ChatGPT, Bard can export text to files, which makes it easy to be shared and used in other places. Using Bard, you can export the content generated to PDF or doc format.

“Google It” option on Bard

When ever you do a conversation on Bard, at the end you can find a button saying “Google It” clicking on which take you to Google where all the related search results are shown. This makes it easy to verify the results.

Google it on bard

Voice support

Google has always been accepting voice inputs for search and other services. For Bard as well, there is an option to communicate using voice. This makes it easier for people to ask their questions easily. To use voice input on Bard, you just need to click on the mic icon on the side of the search box.


One of the main advantage of any web application is its responsiveness so that it works well on smaller devices as well. Google has made its service to be responsive on mobile and tablets as well. This makes it easier to be used on the go.

Image input support

Like Google Lens or search, now you will be able to get your results based on the images. This brings real convenience to interact with an AI chatbot.

Conclusion on Google Bard

Bard being in experiment phase has a long way to go now but as a beginning, Google has tuned it really well, and it is able to answer any question that you throw at it. In the race of AI, competition is growing very fast and to keep up new features and smarter implementation is needed.

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