Google Bard can now help you write code like ChatGPT

In the race of AI, Google is adding new features to its version of Bard. Google Bard can now help you write code like ChatGPT. In an interview, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had given an update on the same. He mentioned as Google has added features to Bard which could make it to write code and debug any written code.

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Bard can now also assist people for writing code as well. Since the introduction of the feature in ChatGPT, Google was working on the same as a competition. Bard being in a test phase yet and available to people in US and UK, we can expect more features to come into the AI down the pipeline.

Google Bard

Google Bard will support 20 languages in programming which includes, Python, Java and C++. As mentioned by Sundar Pichai, Bard will be integrated with Google search. Google in their blog post have mentioned as the Bard is still in testing phase and could provide inaccurate result. This could lead to the code generate by Bard not giving the desired output.

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Google has also mentioned people to check the code generated by Bard before making use of it. Recently when Google employees tested Bard, they had not got the output that was expected and some employees mentioned as Bard is “Useless” and “Pathological liar” as the output that they received from Bard was of low quality.

In the race of AI chatbots, Google is expected to bring a huge competition to present AI leader the ChatGPT. ChatGPT is being used and integrated with various platforms now and is also integrating new features. As more people start using these AI services, we can know which one comes on top.

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