Google Meet now has 1080P video calling feature

Google recently announced that Google meet will now support 1080P resolution in video calls. Till now Google meet had a support for 720P and an upgrade to 1080P will be a welcome change to people who use Google meet regularly.

Google Meet now has 1080P video calling

Since last month, Google has released many updates for Google meet and this is one of the most significant one. Recently we got another update to turn off participants in a video call to focus on a specific person. With this update, Google meet has to make the app better for video calls.

One thing to note down here is that there are certain limitations to access this feature. It is available for Google one users only with 2 TB storage space. If you are a business or enterprise user, then this feature will be enabled by default.

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How to enable 1080P video calling in google meet

By default, the 1080P video calling feature is disabled for all the user, people should manually turn it on. Before using the feature, make sure that the camera or webcam that you are using has a 1080P support. When you start a video call in Google meet, a popup will appear which will ask you to enable the 1080P video setting.

Other apps that have 1080P video calling feature

This feature was already available in popular apps like Teams and Zoom. With this feature addition, Google meet also joins the list of apps with 1080P video calling. The 1080P calling feature will be rolled out completely by May 4.

In order to use the feature, you need to have a device that comes with a 1080p camera. The feature will be off by default, and you have to manually enable it to enjoy HD video calling. Users will get an on-screen message to turn on the feature when they enter a meeting.

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