Google Pixel 7A Geekbench scores are impressive for a budget phone

Google Pixel 7A Geekbench scores are impressive for a budget phone. It is expected to come with Google Tensor G2 Chip with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage.

The next big updates from Google are expected to come from Google in the Google I/O event, expected to happen in May. One of the most anticipated announcement of the even will be the Google Pixel 7A. Recently in the leaks we got all the specifications of the Pixel 7A. Now the phone appears in Geekbench reveling its performance capabilities.

Google Pixel 7A Geekbench scores

With the Google Pixel 7A we will also get information of the upcoming foldable from Google the Pixel fold in the event. Google is expected to launch other hardware as well in this year’s event. Also, we may get new information about the Google Pixel tablet as well.

The Pixel 7A will be coming with the in house Google Tensor G2 chip, which will be optimized for Android 13 and the upcoming Android 14 as well. With the latest updates based on Geekbench scores, the Tensor G2 chip is a 6 core processor which will have two high performance scores with a clock speed of 2.35 GHz and four efficiency cores with clock speed of 1.8 GHz. Pixel 7A will have Mali-G710 GPU.

Geekbench score of Google Pixel 7A and other details

To talk about the scores in Geekbench, Google Pixel 7A scored 1,380 points in single core and 3,071 in multicore. Other details matches with the post we shared earlier, Pixel 7A will come with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

Geekbench details also makes it clear as the Pixel 7A will come with Android 13 OS out of the box. This phone is not expected to compete with the high-end phone having the Snapdragon 8 Gen chips, but still it will be an excellent option in budget segment.

Other details regarding the available color options are out. Google Pixel 7A will have three color variants, Coral, Grey and Blue. When it comes to battery, this phone will have 4500mAh cell which is good enough to support the efficient Tensor G2 chip and 6.1 inch OLED display with Full HD resolution.

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