Google Pixel Fold : All details to know

Here are all things about the latest Google Pixel Fold which has been released in the Google I/O event which happened on May 10th 2023.

After a long wait, Google has finally launched their first foldable phone. It was rumors since 2021, and it is going to hit the shelves. Even though it falls in a premium price segment, being a pixel, it will grab the attention of people in the tech industry.

Google Pixel Fold
Image Credit : Google

Samsung is the present leader in this segment with the Galaxy fold 4 and the next version Galaxy Fold 5 release is around the corner. Google has considered a different approach, with the design matching the OPPO’s foldable phone. It comes with stock android, which most people like to use as there won’t be any bloatware.

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With the competition on the rise in the foldable segment, Google Pixel fold may have a hard time proving it better that other foldable on the market. Following are the details on the Pixel Fold from Google.

Google Pixel Fold design

With e Pixel Fold, Google has managed to reduce the gap on the foldable part with an innovative hinge. This is made possible by the thicker bezels on the inner screen. The bezels around the inner screen are huge compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4. This has advantages and disadvantages.

The thicker bezels will compromise the looks but when it comes to use, we can rest our hands on the sides better without false touches. As mentioned by Google on the keynote, the hinge is very strong and has been tested for durability.

One thing to note here is that the Pixel Fold is the thinnest foldable device that we can get for now. Google is able to achieve it with an innovative hinge and also smaller battery. Even with a foldable design, the Pixel Fold comes with a IPX8 water resistance rating, which is good to have.

Display on the Pixel Fold

This phone comes with a similar form factor of the Galaxy fold series. It has an outer and inner display. The outer display makes it look like a normal phone, and the inner display is a foldable one. Outer display as a size of 5.8 inches with 1080P resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. Google has used OLED panels for both outer and inner displays. Peak brightness of the outer display is 1550 nits when on Always ON mode and while playing HDR content, the brightness is rated at 1200 nits. Outer display is protected by Gorilla glass Victus.

Inner display is a foldable OLED panel with a resolution of 2208 X 1840 and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Peak brightness of the inner display is 1450 nits.

Pixel Fold Cameras

The most highlighting feature of any Pixel phone from Google is its cameras. With the Pixel fold, Google is delivering the same. As mentioned by Google, the Pixel fold will deliver same quality picture as other pixel phones in the market. We get a triple camera setup here, with a 48 MP primary camera and a 10.8 MP ultrawide camera and a 10.8 MP telephoto.

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In terms of zoom capabilities, the Pixel fold could achieve a 5X optical zoom and a 20 X digital zoom. When it comes to selfie camera, due to the larger bezels, Google is able to accommodate a camera on the top unlike an under screen camera like the Galaxy fold. This will help in better pictures without any blur.

Due to the foldable design, users can take selfie photos with the primary camera as well, which will provide better selfies with 48 MP resolution. To make the cameras more usable, we get tabletop mode, which can be used while making video calls.

With the AI integration to Google apps and Magic eraser, Photo unblur features, users can perfect their photos easily and remove any distortions.

Google Pixel Fold Specifications and Performance

Like the Google Pixel 7A, the Pixel Fold comes with the Google Tensor G2 chip, which is also used on all Pixel 7 series phones. The Tensor G2 won’t match the performance of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 which comes in the latest Galaxy fold.

With Tensor G2 processor and 12 GB of RAM, Google Pixel fold will deliver same performance level as the Pixel 7 series phone. In the storage department, we get 256 GB and 512 GB variants which is needed to be selected during the order.

Battery and Charging of Google Pixel Fold

Google has managed to put in a 4821 mAh battery to the Google Pixel Fold which is comparatively larger than the Galaxy Fold 4. With a bright inner and outer display, we need to wait and see about the endurance that can be achieved.

The inner screen being 7.6 inch will drain much more battery compared to the outer display. As both displays come with a 120Hz refresh rate, battery drain could happen faster while playing games or doing intensive tasks.

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When it comes to charging, here the Pixel Fold may disappoint you as it comes with a charging of 30W max which is lower than the competition. Qi wireless charging is also supported here.

Google Pixel Fold Price, release date and preorder details

Google Pixel Fold preorder starts at May 10th and the release date in India is not yet confirmed. It will be available in selected regions only for preorder. Google will start shipping the Pixel fold from June.

When it comes to pricing, the Google has priced it’s first foldable in a similar price range of the Galaxy Fold 4 when it was released. Pixel fold will set at $1799 in US for the base 256 GB model which in India will be around 1,48,000 Rupees.

One launch offer available is that the pixel fold will come with a Google Pixel Watch bundled for free, which cost $349.

Software on Google Pixel Fold

Out of the box, the Google Pixel Fold will come with Android 13 and users can upgrade to Android 14. Google has promised 3 years of software update with the Pixel Fold.

Google has added specific software features for the fold like the multitasking taskbar at the bottom which will help to open multiple apps side by side. There are many other large screen specific optimizations and features to make the larger screen more useful.

When Android 14 is released for the Pixel Fold, more features can be expected to be rolled out.

Main specifications of Google Pixel Fold

Display5.8 inch cover display and 7.6 inch OLED main display
ProcessorTensor G2
Storage256 and 512 GB
CamerasTriple rear cameras with 48 MP main, 10.8 MP Ultrawide and 10.8 MP telephoto.
Battery4821 mAh
Charging30W wired charging and Qi charging
Water resistanceIP X8
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