Here is how to pin and unpin direct messages on Twitter

Here is how to pin and unpin direct messages on Twitter

People can send and receive direct messages using Twitter. When we start a group and send messages in that, all messages are seen by all users in that group. With the direct message pin feature, you can point a message to a specific person in the group.

How to pin and unpin direct messages on Twitter

If you are following anyone on Twitter, you will be able to send private message to that person easily. This feature is called direct message. It can also be done in group communication as well. With the recent update, you can pin direct messages to a person easily.

How to pin direct messages on Twitter

  • Login to your Twitter account in your phone or any device that is available.
pin and unpin direct messages on Twitter
  • Click on the Direct messaging button at the bottom bar of the Twitter screen.
twitter messages

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  • Select the conversation that you want to do pinning.
  • Long press the conversation and a menu will appear.
pin conversations
  • Click on the “Pin conversation” button.
  • Your message will be pinned to the top of the list.
  • Once pinned, the message will appear in the “Pinned conversation” section in Twitter messages.

How to unpin messages on Twitter

The process to unpin messages on Twitter is just the opposite of pinning. You need to follow the steps below to do it.

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  • Open Twitter in your Phone.
  • Go to messages section.
  • Here at the top of the list you will find the pinned messages section.
  • Select a message that you want to unpin.
  • Long press the message, and you will see a menu as shown below.
  • Click on the “Unpin conversation” button.
unpin conversations on twitter
  • Your conversation will be unpinned.

Pinning a message on Twitter makes it easy to track the conversation and also send private messages to your follower.

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