How speed up internet and increase WiFi speed in home

Wi-Fi has become an essential part of our lives, and a slow internet speed can be frustrating. Slow internet speeds can create issues in work and studies, make streaming and gaming difficult, and impact video call quality. Fortunately, there are ways to speed up the Wi-Fi connection in your home. In this blog post, let’s discuss on how speed up internet and increase wifi speed in home which will help boost the speed of your network.

How speed up internet

Test Your Internet Speed

Before trying to improve Wi-Fi performance, it is necessary to test your internet speed.

There are a few free online tools that can help in this regard, such as, Google Speed Test, and

Once the speed test has been completed, compare it with your plan’s advertised speed; if the difference is substantial, contact your internet service provider (ISP) to resolve the issue.

How speed up internet

Position Your Router Correctly

The position of your router has a significant effect on its Wi-Fi speed.

For optimal performance, place it in the center of your home, elevated from the floor and away from any obstructions such as walls, furniture or appliances that could interfere with its signal strength.

Whenever possible, try to place it away from electronics that might disrupt it. Doing this can help boost both Wi-Fi signal strength and speed significantly.

Updating Your Router Firmware

Just like any other gadget, your router’s firmware needs to be updated regularly. Firmware updates can fix bugs, add features and improve performance of your router.

You can check for firmware updates in either its settings or on the manufacturer’s website. You should always remember to check the update logs on the manufacturer’s website.

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Number of devices in your network

The more devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, the slower its speeds will be. To improve Wi-Fi performance, try disconnecting devices that are not in use or upgrading your internet plan.

Doing this can help improve the Wi-Fi speed in your home easily.

Utilize Quality Router

One of the primary causes of slow Wi-Fi speeds can be an old or ineffective router.

If your current model does not support the latest standards for Wi-Fi, upgrading to a modern router with support for Wi-Fi 6 standards (and possibly others) can significantly boost your wireless speed.

Investing in a quality router ensures you receive top performance from your Wi-Fi connection.

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Change Your Wi-Fi Channel

Your Wi-Fi router broadcasts on different channels.

If multiple Wi-Fi networks in your area use the same channel, interference and slowdown of speeds may result.

To prevent this, you can change your Wi-Fi channel to one with less interference through settings on your router; some even feature auto-channel selection features, which automatically selects the best channel for your Wi-Fi network.

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Utilize Wi-Fi Extenders/Boosters

If your home is large, you may notice that your Wi-Fi signal is weak in some places.

Wi-Fi extenders or boosters can help improve this situation; they take the Wi-Fi signal from your router and rebroadcast it, extending its range.

It’s possible to place these extenders throughout your house so that all areas enjoy consistent Wi-Fi coverage.

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Conclusion on how to speed up internet

Slow internet speeds can be frustrating as it may affect our work as well as entertainment. Consider that while you are watching a movie, it shows buffering in between. It will make you feel irritated. To avoid these situation, follow the above mentioned tips which would help in increasing wifi speed in home.

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