How to build a Gaming PC step by step

Modern day games like Fortnight, Call of Duty or Need for Speed need high end graphics capability and also processing power. If you install and try to play such games on a normal PC with a mid-range configuration, you will see a lot of lag, which will spoil the experience. If you are wondering about How to build a gaming PC step by step then we have listed some components and their features that you may need to consider in your gaming PC build

How to build a Gaming PC

Some components needed for Gaming PC Build

There are a few things that you should keep in mind before going to the market searching for a Gaming PC component.

  1. Processor
  2. Motherboard
  3. Graphics Card
  4. SSD storage
  5. Power Supply
  6. Monitor
  7. Keyboard
  8. Mouse

How to build a Gaming PC

The above listed components will determine how your PC performs while you game on it. Let’s check the above mentioned components in detail. You can check the complete guide of how to build a PC here which could help

Processor in a Gaming PC

This is the brain of any computer. A capable processor will be able to handle any intensive tasks that you throw at it. When it comes to a gaming PC, you should consider a processor that has a high clock speed and multiple cores. If you prefer Intel processors, then anything below a Core i5 would not be great for a gaming PC. If you wish to build a gaming PC with an AMD Ryzen based processor, then you should consider at-least Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7. Any processor model above the options mentioned will suit your gaming needs.

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If you are a pro gamer then you should get a Core i7 or i9 which can handle any games that you are trying to play. These processors can be overclocked as well which will boost the performance of your gaming PC.

How to build a Gaming PC


As the name suggest it is a board where all your PC hardware is connected. Mother board is a logical board which has interlinking connections to bring all your hardware for a gaming PC together. You will have dedicated slots for Processor, RAM and SSD. All the power supply to the hardware in the Gaming PC CPU is distributed by the motherboard. When it comes to Gaming PC mother board, we have brands like ASUS and MSI which are leading in this category. ASUS ROG Strix or MSI B450 Tomahawk provide all options that you would need from a Gaming PC motherboard.

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They have RGB lighting features to add a flavour to the Gaming PC that you are trying to build. Dedicated SSD slots is an added advantage. These motherboards provide 4 DIM slots for high performance RAM which will make your gaming experience better. Motherboard is one of the major component that you should select before building a gaming pc

Graphics Card

When it comes to gaming PC, a graphics card says it all. As mentioned earlier, you need a powerful processor but a high end graphics card makes a lot of difference. Latest games have many things to display on screen at the same time. If you start gaming on a PC with only a powerful processor, after some time of game play thermal throttling starts to happen because of the overheating that happens when intensive graphics is processed.

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A graphics card has its own dedicated processor which shares the load from your processor. You know, work happens better and fast if its split into many. Likewise a capable graphics card will make a huge difference in your gaming PC performance. Graphics card like ASUS ROG Strix NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 will take your gaming experience to another level with high FPS rates and also no lag. The game will run ultra smooth on your PC and you can enjoy every bit of it.

How to build a Gaming PC

SSD (Solid State Drive)

Games are known for their huge size as they have lot of files to be installed for a game to run smoothly. Files specific to characters in the game and also places and animations that happen while game is played makes the size of a game installation file to be huge. A typical high end game size could go above 100GB in total size. “Your storage is full” this message we all will be familiar about. In a gaming PC with small storage, this message will appear frequently as one game could fill up your storage very easily. In earlier days we use HDD as the primary storage for any PC that we use. HDD were good but they had one issue of slow response.

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They have moving components which create delay in response as the moving parts eat up time. Now a days people are using SSD on their laptops and PC which has boosted the performance of computers to a large extent. SSD (Solid state drives) are flash storages that does not have any moving parts. They are similar to pen drives that we carry around to store our data. SSD is considered to be very fast and has vey low read and write speeds. This reduces the load time of Windows or any operating system that you have in your PC. For a Gaming PC, while playing games there are many read and write operations going on in the background within a short time duration. If the storage does not respond accordingly, your system will lag.

There are 2.5 inch SSD and PCIe NVMe SSD available in the market. For a Gaming PC an NVMe SSD would make more sense as they are much faster in Read and write operations making the PC faster in loading games.

Power Supply

All computer need power, when it comes to powering a CPU and its components, power supply is the main thing to consider. Various types of power supplies are available in the market but the selection of power supply should be done based on the hardware that you are using in a Gaming PC.

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A power supply rated at 750W will be suitable for a gaming PC as its a future proofing as well in case you need to add more components in the future to your CPU that needs more power.



Here comes the thing that people interact with in any PC. Its a window to any PC which tells you what is happening in it. When it comes to Gaming PC display plays a very vital role. Games are filled with actions and animations, if the monitor that you use for gaming is not able to represent it properly then the experience would be spoiled. Many manufacturers are having monitors that are specific to gaming.

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Gaming monitors are expected to have low response time and also high refresh rate. A high end gaming monitor will have a refresh rate of at-least 120Hz and also some monitors support overclocking making the game play even smoother. 144Hz gaming monitors are available in the market which are preferred by high end gamers. Gaming Monitors play a vital part on high level gaming. If you are planning for building a gaming PC then you should select a monitor that has all the features that we have discussed above

Keyboard and Mouse

This comes to a personal preference. Being a Gaming Keyboard and Mouse they are expected to be more responsive and also well built. Gamers usually prefer mechanical keyboard as they provide more accurate feedback with physical switches that they have. Mechanical keyboards are a joy to use and also they come with RGB lighting which helps to make the PC more personalised by matching lights on the keyboard.

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When it comes to mouse they are the joystick of any Gaming PC. They point to the targets correctly and also the responsiveness of the mouse that we use should be good to achieve a target in a game in first attempt.

If you are looking for a prebuilt gaming pc then you can check here with has all the high end components available


PC building is a skill. Once you know the right component that you need to build a PC then you can build a perfect machine that will fulfil your needs like gaming or video editing. Selecting the right component makes your PC great and will provide immersive gaming experience. Hope this article provided a basic idea on how to build a gaming pc step by step for best gaming experience

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