How to Build your own PC India

Are you planning to build your own PC India? Here are the complete steps to follow.

When it comes to building a PC, people do it based on the requirement. It’s good to build your own PC if you want the PC to perform a specific task like gaming, Video Editing, Office work or Just browsing.

Prebuilt PCs are available in the market, but they have a fixed set of configuration that you may need to change after purchase.

The requirement of PC build is set by the types of parts that we include in the PC build.

Build your own PC India

How to Build your own PC India

Prebuilt PCs are easily available in the market. They come as a total package with parts like CPU, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse but when it comes to the components in the CPU, it may be standard hardware used.

Consider that you are looking for a gaming PC then a prebuilt PC will have certain set of hardware like Motherboard for a Gaming PC, graphics card, a certain amount of RAM and storage.

When you build your own gaming PC then you can buy all the parts separately in a much lower price that when you buy it preassembled, Price is an important factor here.

Preassembled PC’s will cost you higher compared to the price that you will have to pay when you build your own PC in Home. There are various purposes of a PC build, let’s discuss that below

Different types of PC build

  • Gaming
  • Video Editing
  • Office work
  • Browsing and Normal Use

Now let me explain about the above mentioned PC builds in detail.

Building a PC is an easy process if you do it with care. You need some basic tools that are required to build your own PC.

  1. Screwdriver set
  2. Table for Keeping the PC.
  3. Power Supply

If you have all the above things, then we are all set to build your own PC at home.

Assembling the CPU

Being the most important part of any computer, CPU should be assembled first. To start with the assembly gather the main components like the Motherboard, Processor, RAM first.

Unbox the mother board and place it over the table that you have. A wooden table is preferred so that no points under the mother contact each other if you place it over a conducting surface.

Next Unbox the processor and keep it separately. Usually there will be a dedicated slot for the processor which will be in the centre of the motherboard. Lift the clip and remove the processor slot covering.

Placing the Processor over motherboard

Place the processor onto the slot with the arrow mark matching with the arrow mark over the processor slot on the motherboard.

Clip back the processor holder latch that will place the processor tightly. Be sure that you do not apply any external force over the processor so that the pins could bend.

Now that we have placed the processor in the slot, next step is to connect the cooling system.

Installing the cooling system

Cooling system is important for any PC, when it comes to a gaming PC this part plays a very viral role. Placing a cooling system should be done perfectly for achieving good cooling on the CPU as well as it improves the performance by reducing thermal throttling.

How to Build your own PC India

You will be getting a thermal paste that you may need to apply over the processor before placing the cooling fan over the processor.

Once you have applied the thermal paste, spread it over the processor evenly and the place the cooling fan or the water cooling unit onto the processor.

How to Build your own PC India

You need to check one point here. In case you are assembling a gaming PC and a water cooling system, then you do not need to fit the cooling system over the processor at this point.

You may need to do it once the cooling system and the motherboard are placed into the CPU cabinet.

Now this process is done. Next you need to install the RAM sticks on the motherboard.

Installing the RAM

This is the easiest process in the entire assembly. There will be RAM slots on the motherboard where you need to place the RAM.

Place the RAM sticks on to the DIM slots and press it firmly until it locks itself. If you have multiple RAM sticks, then follow the same process for all the RAM available.

How to Build your own PC India

Now at this point your mother board is ready to get fit into the cabinet.

Placing the Motherboard inside the Cabinet

Grab your motherboard and place it into the CPU cabinet, aligning the screw mounts so that you can tighten the motherboard to the CPU cabinet

How to Build your own PC India

Once the Motherboard is placed, screw it down to the CPU cabinet in a diagonal fashion to get the perfect fit.

Once the Motherboard is inside the CPU cabinet, the next thing to do is to place the power supply. Also called as SMPS(Switch Mode Power supply).

Installing the power supply

Power supply is installed into the CPU cabinet, mostly towards the back side. The input supply pin should be exposed so that you can connect the power cord to the power supply.

How to Build your own PC India

Place the power supply accordingly to the CPU cabinet and screw it in from the back. After setting the power supply onto the CPU, You need to start with the connections.

Connecting the wires

This is the most important part and also a time-consuming one. You need to find out the position of each connector and connect it accordingly for the computer to work.

How to Build your own PC India

When it comes to the main connection to the motherboard, it’s a 24 pin connector that you will have from the power supply, which you need to connect to the motherboard.

Once this connection is made, you need to connect wires for the power button in the front of the CPU and also for the cooling system. You must install the cooling system before doing the connections.

Connections should be made for the USB ports available in the ATX cabinet. If you are building a gaming PC, then you may need lighting for improving the looks of the PC. You will get the connector for that as well with the power supply.

Once all things are connected and setup. You can connect the main power cord to the back of the CPU and press the power button. Everything should start working now.

How to Build your own PC India

Once the Setup of the build is complete now you have a working computer.

You need to connect a monitor, keyboard and Mouse to the CPU for it to start working. To start with using the computer, you need to install Windows to the computer.

Installing Windows

Installing windows can be done in multiple ways, you can create a bootable USB for Windows 10 and setup Windows 10 into your PC, or you can use a Windows 10 Disk by connecting a DVD reader to the PC.

Complete the process and your computer setup is done.

Parts for Video editing PC

When it comes to Video editing PC, you do not need a set of parts that are of high end as in a gaming PC.

We have checked the list of parts that you may need if you are looking to build your own PC in India for video editing

How to Build your own PC India

How to Build your own PC India for Video Editing

Video editing is another major segment nowadays. With the number of YouTubers and content creators increasing in the world, people are building their own PC for video editing.

When a video editing PC is compared to a Gaming PC build. You can get much lower priced components. Even though video editing task is demanding for resources, it may not be as demanding as a gaming PC.

Things to be consider to build a PC for Video editing

  1. Motherboard (MSI or Intel)
  2. A good Graphics Card ( Zotac or MSI)
  3. Good Processor (Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5)
  4. Cooling System
  5. SSD would be best
  6. Good Amount of RAM(16 GB preferred)
  7. Cabinet
  8. Power Supply
  9. 4K or Ultrawide Monitor
  10. Descent Keyboard
  11. Mouse

The list of things needed for a video editing PC build is less compared to a gaming PC.

You can use a gaming PC for video editing but if you do not want to go to high-end hardware then a Video editing PC build price will be much less compared to a Gaming PC.

Build your own PC for gaming

Gaming PC is getting more popularity nowadays. People who like gaming want to make their PC and customize their setup for their taste.

When it comes to gaming PC, there are certain requirements that we need to follow so that the PC satisfy our gaming needs.

Gaming PCs are considered to have the most high-end components for the high demand of resources that will be needed while gaming. The major components needed for a gaming PC are

  1. Gaming Motherboard (Many options from Asus and MSI)
  2. Graphics Card (Nvidia or MSI)
  3. High end processor (AMD Ryzen 7 or Intel Core i9 or i7 latest gen preferred)
  4. Cooling system
  5. SSD for storage (Samsung nvme SSD)
  6. Good amount of RAM (32Gb preferred)
  7. Power Supply (750 W power supply)
  8. Cabinet (RGB ATX cabinet)
  9. Lighting
  10. Mechanical Keyboard
  11. Mouse
  12. Gaming Monitor

Saying the list is easy but finding the right parts is a bit difficult. When it comes to price of the above-mentioned components, the price is expected to be high.

We can get some good deals online which you can find in this post.

Build your own PC India for Office work and Browsing

When it comes to normal office work and browsing which are not a high demanding tasks, we do not need a high-end hardware here.

When building a PC for work or browsing, we can consider some decent set of hardware. This will save you a lot of money.

It’s true that you can work as well as browse in a gaming or a video editing PC, but for normal browsing, video watching or office work you may not need a high-end hardware.

You can get a lot of pre-assembled PCs for this purpose, but if you like building your own work PC then you can get the following set of components which will suit for the purpose.

  1. Motherboard (Intel or Gigabyte)
  2. Processor (Core i3 or i5)
  3. Cooling System
  4. RAM (8GB to 16GB)
  5. SSD and HDD (Fusion Drive)
  6. ATX Cabinet
  7. Keyboard
  8. Mouse
  9. Full HD monitor
  10. 500W power supply

Assembling the PC

We have discussed some basic parts that are needed for building a gaming PC below. Let me list out some options that you can buy in India

Best Motherboard for Gaming PC : GIGABYTE B450M Gaming Motherboard

GIGABYTE B450M Gaming Motherboard

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Gigabyte is a popular brand when it comes to gaming motherboard. They use some high quality components in their motherboard so that it lasts really long.

This model, the B450M, is one of the best-selling gaming motherboard that you can buy in India.

It comes with Ultra fast PCIe Gen3 m.2 slot which supports NVMe and SATA model SSDs. This will increase the performance of the PC to a large extent.

When it comes to connectivity it has 8118 LAN with bandwidth management for fast internet speeds also for game streaming.

Regarding the ports, it has HDMI included with DVI-D ports which can support multiple displays.

Best Graphics Card for Gaming PC : ASUS GeForce RTX 2060

ASUS GeForce RTX 2060

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Asus as we know if one of the most popular brands when it comes to gaming components for a PC. This graphics card is best selling graphics card in India which will suit any game.

You can do high-end gaming and this graphics card will deal with it like a champ.

This graphics card is powered by tuning from NVIDIA and a clock boost of 1780 MHz. It has 1920 CUDA cores and its overclocked.

This graphics card comes with 6GB DDR6 RAM. You can connect upto 4 monitors in this graphics card. It has 1 display port and 4 HDMI 2.0 ports and also a DVI port.

If you have placed your PC in a dusty area, then this graphics card is protected with IPX5 Rating. It’s one of the most silent graphics card that you can buy.

It comes with a protective backplate which is made up of aluminium which protects the card from flexing and managing heating.

Best Processor for Gaming PC: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Desktop Processor

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This is a major component when it comes to a Gaming PC. Processor is the thing that determines how gaming will run in your PC and also how your PC will perform in intensive tasks.

AMD being the best in the market for Gaming Processors have this model Ryzen 7 3700X which is one of the best gaming processor that you can buy. This processor has 8 cores and 16 threads, which is good for any gaming PC.

With a base clock speed of 3.6 GHX and a boost up to 4.4 GHZ, it can handle most of the game that you throw at it. It has a 36 MB of cache memory which is suitable for fast multitasking and opening of apps.

With 2 memory channels and 3200 Mhz RAM support this is one of the best gaming processors that you can buy in India.

Best Water Cooling for Gaming PC: Corsair Hydro H115i CW-9060032-WW Pro

Corsair Hydro H115i CW-9060032-WW Pro

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Corsair is a brand which makes some quality products for gaming PC. They are very popular brand for lighting and also cooling systems for PC.

This model the Corsair Hydro H115i is the best water cooling for gaming PC under 20000 that you can buy in India. It comes with RGB lighting that you can change according to the setup. The lighting here is very bright and attractive.

For Fans, Corsair has used 140 mm mag lev fans which provides excellent air flow for cooling of your PC. This is a silent cooling system for gaming PC. The noise levels are around 20 dBA at maximum load.

With the included software available, you can set up the lighting and control the fans speeds of the cooling system easily.

Best SSD for Gaming PC: Samsung 980 1TB NVMe M.2 

 Samsung 980 1TB NVMe M.2

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When it comes to gaming PC, we need a large storage and also fast SSD. This really boosts the performance of the Gaming PC that you are going to build. In general, Samsung NVMe m.2 SSD is one of the best in the market that you can get.

This SSD has a rated read speed of 3500 MB/s which is good for fast app loads as well as game load times.

Even for multitasking, this SSD would help. Due to excellent read and write speeds, the response from the games will be good.

With the PCIe interface and the Gen 3.0 configuration, this SSD will suit most of the motherboard available in the market that has a dedicated SSD slot.

Best RAM for Gaming PC: G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 32GB DDR 4

G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 32GB DDR 4

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RAM plays a crucial part when it comes to performance of a gaming PC. RAM is an interface between CPU and SSD which stores the data temporarily. Using a high performance RAM will make loading of applications and games faster.

This model from G. Skill is one of the best RAM that you can buy if you want to build your own PC in India. This RAM comes with RGB lighting which will look good inside any gaming PC.

It’s a DDR4 RAM which is very fast with 3600Mhz of frequency. It is considered to be having minimum latency.

With the high performance rating and also pricing in budget, its best RAM for any Gaming PC in India.

It comes with a multi channel kit. With the dual channel support it can load apps really fast and keep up very well with a high end processor that you will use in a gaming pc.

Best Power Supply for a Gaming PC: CORSAIR RM Series, RM750

CORSAIR RM Series, RM750

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Power supply is the primary connection point for the power input in your Gaming PC. For a gaming PC due to high demanding hardware, we need a high rated power supply as well.

A 750 W power supply will be perfect for a gaming PC with water cooling, as well as provide expansion options in a later stage.

Corsair RM series is one of the most popular power supply available in the market. This is a 750 W power supply which will make a perfect power supply for your gaming PC.

This power supply is 80 plus gold rated for high efficiency, which leads to the minimum power consumption.

Due to the less noise that this power supply produces and cool temperature levels, this is the best power supply for gaming PC.

The fan inside the power supply is 140 mm which is designed to provide high air flow inside the cabinet and also keeps the noise level minimum even with the full load.

With high temperature resistance in the capacitors and great electrical performance, this can be considered a good option for a power supply if you are looking to build your own PC in India.

Best Cabinet for Gaming PC: Ant Esports ICE-130AG Tower Gaming Cabinet

Ant Esports ICE-130AG Tower Gaming Cabinet

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Gaming Cabinets make building a gaming PC easy and also look attractive after the build.

Gaming cabinets for gaming PC are designed based on the components like Motherboard, water cooling systems, RGB lighting and also ports.

This model, the Ant Esports ICE-130AG is one of the best gaming PC cabinet that you can buy in India. It’s made up of good quality material and comes in black color.

The side panel used here is tempered glass, which let you show others about your RGB lighting and hardware. It has a black Matt finish which improves the look of the gaming PC build.

With Fan support for a 120MM fan at front, top and bottom, you can easily fit a water cooling system to this tower cabinet.

This cabinet comes with solutions for cable management which will make your PC build look cleaner.

Best mechanical keyboard for Gaming PC : RAZER HUNTSMAN ELITE


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Mechanical keyboard are the way to go if you are building your Gaming PC. Mechanical keyboard have high quality keys and key travel due to which gaming becomes more fun.

Mechanical keyboard for Gaming PC come with RGB lighting which you can change according to the preference.

This model of mechanical keyboard come with Opto mechanical switches with optical light sensor with a key travel distance of 1.5 mm. These switches are very clicking and provide excellent feedback on press.

With the key stabilizer available in this keyboard, you will get precision key presses and fast response.

This keyboard comes with a hand rest attachment which you can use to rest your hand while playing games to reduce hand pain.

As we are looking on how to build your own PC in India, we should consider a good keyboard to make the setup better.

Razer has provided programmable keys on this keyboard which you can set to perform different operations based on the needs.

This keyboard comes with a unique feature where you can save your personalized setting on the cloud so that you can access the setting from anywhere.

If you are planning to build your own PC in India, then this is a mechanical keyboard to consider.

Best Gaming mouse: Logitech MX Master 3

Logitech MX Master 3

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When it comes to gaming, a mouse plays a very vital role. If you playing combat games where you need to point and shoot then a mouse is the device that you will use.

Precision and response of gaming mouse is really important. For a gaming mouse, there is one brand which is most trusted.

Logitech is the brand which has many models of mouse available in India, and it’s considered as the best gaming mouse brand in the world.

This models, the MX master 3 does not need any introduction. It’s a perfect mouse when it comes to PC gaming. It has fast response times, and it provides a design that will perfectly fit in your hand.

You get vertical and horizontal scrolling here, which is really convenient to use while performing a task. It has ultrafast scrolling and remarkable precision, which makes it a joy to use.

You can customise the performance of the mouse based on the application that you are using it with. You can control gestures of the mouse with the various setting options available.

With fast switching between 3 different devices, you can use it with windows. Mac and Linux machines.

This mouse has a DPI level of 4000 this makes it five times faster than the normal mouse. If you are looking to build your own PC in India, then this is the mouse you need to buy.

Best Gaming Monitor in India : LG Ultragear 32-inch QHD Gaming Monitor

LG Ultragear 32-inch QHD Gaming Monitor

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A monitor makes your gaming experience better. With high quality panel and high refresh rate, it’s worth gaming in a Gaming monitor. There are many manufacturers like Dell, LG, HP and So-on.

This model from LG is one of the best gaming monitor in India that you can buy. Its comes with QHD resolution which will be excellent for gaming.

The LG Ultragear is 32-inch monitor comes with 144 Hz refresh rate which is great for gaming. It has the minimum latency of 1ms, which will give good experience during gaming.

It has a VA panel which gives excellent contrast ratio and also saturation for enjoying the games. It also has Radeon Freesync which makes the gaming a lag free experience.

Black stabilizer also produces deep blacks and the white looks great.

You can determine each color shown on the screen in a better way. With a borderless design and good build, it can be a monitor for your gaming PC if you are thinking to build your own PC India for gaming at home.

The above mentioned components will give a good experience for gaming.

FAQ on how to build your own PC India

Is it cheaper to build your own computer?

Yes. If you know to build a PC and the components that you may require to build. It’s better to build your own computer that getting it pre-assembled.

The problem of pre-built PC is that the pricing of the components used here will be more, and also you may not be able to get the brands of components that you may need for your PC.

In case you want to customize your PC based on your liking, the building your own computer is a better option.

Build your own pc online?

There are services available which will help to build your PC online. You can share the requirements that you need for your PC, and they will build the PC for you. This is also comparatively costlier than the process of build your own PC in India.

What is the average cost to build a PC?

The answer of this depends on the type of PC that you are planning to build.

If you just need a PC for browsing and Work then the average cost of the PC will be under, 40000 with which you can get a good set of hardware. If you need a PC with higher capability like to use it for video editing then the average cost of your PC will range from 60000.

For a gaming PC that we had discussed above, the price will go near to 1 lakh if you want a high end gaming PC.

Is it worth building a PC right now?

Yes, of course it’s worth it if you need a PC for a specific purpose, and also you have the PC building skill.

Getting the right components from the market and assembling it by yourself will save a huge amount of money for you compared to getting a PC that is fully assembled.

Conclusion on how to Build your own PC India

Here, we have discussed the basic process and the right components that you may need to build your own PC in India.

This post will give an idea if you are building your PC for the first time. Based on the requirements that you have, buy the components from the market and follow the steps to get a perfect PC build.

If you are looking for a prebuilt PC then you can check out Acer Tower PC here.

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