How to bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone or iPad

Here is how to bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone or iPad easily. iOS 16 has introduced a feature called automatic verification, which helps to avoid CAPTCHA.

Having an additional verification is always good to have. Keeping this in mind, most app manufacturers may have a CAPTCHA verification. But it will become annoying when we need to do verification using CAPTCHA. In IOS 16, Apple has added a toggle in settings which will help users to bypass it. This is applicable for websites and apps. Following are some steps that users can turn on automatic verification on iOS.

bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone or iPad

Is Automatic verification secure in iOS 16?

Apple has introduced this feature to make the login process easy for people. With automatic verification, people can login to a website or app without using a CAPTCHA. Basically it’s good to have an additional verification on web or app but when it is being asked repeatedly, it will spoil the experience. Automatic verification in iOS 16 is secure because the verification is done using your Apple ID.

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Advantages of using Automatic Verification

As the name suggest, the major advantage is the automatic verification for the web and the mobile application. If you have enabled this feature, you may not need to enter the CAPTCHA manually. This makes the process faster and easier both on Web and Mobile.

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Another major thing to consider is that using verification through Apple ID adds another layer of security. As Apple ID details are encrypted, no 3rd person could access the data used while verification.

How to bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone or iPad

To bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone or iPad, users need to enable Automatic verification in iOS 16. Following are the steps.

  • Go to Settings app on iPhone with iOS 16.
  • Click on the profile image at the top.
  • Now you will be taken to profile section with iCloud details.
  • Click on “Password & Security” button,
password and security
  • Scroll to the bottom of. “Password and Security” page and find “Automatic Verification”.
  • Turn ON “Automatic Verification”.

Points to note after turning on Automatic Verification

It’s not like turning on Automatic Verification will disable CAPTCHA for all websites, there will be some websites which will ask for verification.

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