How to cast iPhone screen on Mac

Here is how to cast iPhone screen on Mac.

While doing work or recording a video, you may sometime need to cast the iPhone screen on Mac. Doing this will enable you to record Mac screen with iPhone screen as picture in picture.

The process to do this is quite simple, and you just need a few things to do it.

Things needed to cast iPhone screen to Mac.

  • Any Laptop or PC running Mac (MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac studio etc.)
  • USB-A to lighting or USB-C to lightning cable
  • Any recent version of iPhone.

After you have got all the needed things, we can start with the process.

Why you need to cast iPhone screen on Mac

  • If you are a developer and need to record a screen including iPhone functionality.
  • To record Youtube videos
  • You can share iPhone tips and tricks to people.

How to cast iPhone screen on Mac

To start with the process, first you may need to connect your iPhone to the Mac using the lightning cable that we gathered early.

  • Connect iPhone to Mac with USB C or USB A
  • Once you connect an iPhone, there may be a Trust popover appearing.
  • Click on “Trust” button so that iPhone is trusted by the Mac and vice versa.
  • Click on the launchpad in the dock.
  • Here you will see the launchpad with all the apps installed.
  • Go to “Others” folder
click on others folder
others folder
  • Once the Quick time players open, you will be shown with a window asking for a folder to open any media.
  • As we are not opening any media, cancel the window.
quick time player
  • Click on file button in the top menu bar and then select “New Movie Recording”.
  • By default, it may open a movie recording window, activating the camera on your Mac.
  • In that window, there will be a down arrow button near the red record button.
record button
  • Click on that button, and you will be shown with a menu of various recording options.
screencast menu in quick time
  • If you have connected the iPhone and allowed the laptop to iPhone camera and data. You will be seeing your iPhone listed there.
  • In the list, select iPhone under the screen section.
select iphone
  • After you select that option, the Quick time player would switch to your iPhone home screen.
How to cast iPhone screen on Mac

Now you can hit the record button and start recording your Mac screen with iPhone in picture.

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