How to clean home easily in 2024

How to clean home is one of the most frequently asked question by anyone who lives his/her home and want to keep it clean. Here we have tried to crack the nut with some tips and tricks that you can follow to clean your home.

Cleaning a home is a tedious process, especially if you are not a frequent cleaner and if your home has many members. Each one will use things differently, and they will eat different things, take bath in different time and many other activities add up.

The problem here is if there are many members, obtaining a good level of cleaning is not that easy.

So let’s find out some easy ways to clean your home effectively

How to clean home easily

How to clean home?

Following are some main points to consider if you are not a regular cleaner

1. Start from the roots

2. Vacuum clean if possible

3. Clean under each furniture that you have placed.

4. Clean your electronics

Most of the dirt and waste are collected under furniture that we usually don’t see or can’t reach

5. Dust your fans or air conditioners.

6. Clean your carpets.

Places to consider for cleaning

These are the main places to start with

  • Living Room: This is the most common place where the dust could accumulate soon as it’s an area which anyone first visits in your home. When a guest come to your home they stay there, and also you mainly watch TV there so that’s the first place to concentrate.
  • Kitchen: This place as we know should be the cleanest in your home as we make food there. Food items when cooked falls on the floor and in long time they settle there and may attract cockroaches, ants and other insects who may have a feast on them. So cleaning a kitchen is an important and tedious job. In kitchen, you will have many cabinets for storage that a regular cleaning is hard.
  • Bedroom: This place is another important place where we sleep and spend most of the time. We also might have placed a dressing table in this room, where you usually make yourself look good. But as this area is used it starts to accumulate hairs when you comb and other materials like powder that you apply in your face and all other beauty related things which may fall.
  • Prayer area: So we all will have a prayer area at our home and this area we should clean. Cleaning this area will be easier compared to other areas as we don’t visit here much. But still, you should maintain it as cleaned by dusting it regularly.
  • Bathroom: This is no doubt will be the most smelly area if you don’t clean it regularly. In time, it will collect bacteria, which will cause health issues to you and your family members. We need to do through clearing regularly of the bathroom to stay hygienic and healthy
  • Varanda or a balcony: Balcony is out of our house, which may attract dust from outside. In time more and more dust gets gathered here and if we have plants in our balcony things get dirty very soon. So keeping it clean is necessary.

These are some checkpoints that we need to mark before starting a cleaning process.

Some tools that you may require for cleaning.

  1. Broom
  2. A dusting brush
  3. A mop of any kind (Microfiber is preferred)
  4. Some cleaning liquids Ex Colin
  5. Some disinfectant like Domex
  6. A vacuum cleaner (Best if you have one)
  7. Blower if you have.
  8. Good microfiber cloths.
  9. Vinegar
  10. Baking soda
  11. Handle duster

So if you have gathered the above items when let’s start with the process.

Points to Ponder in cleaning home

Process to clean home

Cleaning the Living room

Now in here roots in the sense are areas where you have never cleaned before. Consider you have a sofa inside your living room. It’s the place where most of the dust gets collected.

Waste from the things that you eat while you watch TV in your living room gets below the sofa and stays there, as we don’t consider cleaning it regularly.

Indians love guests in home and they treat guests well.

In the treating process we serve a lot of food they may like and when they eat the crumbs fall down and in some they settle under the sofa as that is a common place where they will eat.

Now in days, the junk will get bigger and bigger. Kids in your home also contribute to same as they eat chips or any other eatable and put it under the sofa which we won’t notice regularly

Same thing happens under any furniture in your living room like a coffee table or any side table that you use for decoration.

You also may have carpets in your living room. They get stained very easily, and cleaning them is not that easy.

Deep cleaning: If you want to clean the area deeply, then you may need to reposition the furniture to a different place and do your cleaning


Your cleaning will be much better as your hand or broom can reach all parts of that area and wipe out any dust and waste in that area.

Also, if you are moping you can apply water mixed with some disinfectant and a perfumed phenol there which will give a good fragrance in the living room and make it fresh. This will also help in removing any bacteria or germs in this area.

This process will give you a satisfaction as your living room is cleaner now and will make you feel confident.

You should also have a good smelling living room as a good smell in living room will make people visiting your home will give a positive impression about you and your family as

“How well they are maintaining their house”

This will also give inspiration to others to keep their house clean.


Cleaning is a good thing and there are no disadvantages but repositioning your furniture to another place and cleaning the rooms is a very difficult job because furniture are usually very heavy and moving them around is a bit hard.

So what can you do?

There are some tools in the market that you can use for cleaning under your furniture effectively without moving them.

When we say this, the first thing that come into our mid is a vacuum cleaner mentioned in our tools list for cleaning. Yes that’s a good option, but in case you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can use another tool called a blower.

Some suggested tools for effective cleaning


For example, Bosch GBL 620-Watt Air blower is one of the option you can buy online, and it will help you to clean.

How to clean home

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How a blower will help in cleaning under your furniture?

The blower produces very high pressure air flow which will help you push out any dust under your furniture in tight spaces, and you can push them into free spaces in the room and broom it. This process is very effective in tight spaces like under your sofa or under your bed.

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How to clean home

Also, a blower could be used to remove dust over any appliance like your TV or your fan. It will blow the dust down, and you can collect the dust and dispose it to your waste bin.

Vacuum cleaner:

Vacuum cleaner is one of the popular tools that is common in all homes. For dust cleaning a vacuum cleaner is one of the perfect tool. A good suction vacuum cleaner will easily be able to go into places where you cannot reach and clean the place by sucking the dust inside.

There are various attachments to a vacuum cleaner that will help to reach into multiple places.

Like in a sofa or couch the corners collect dust and cleaning there will be easy with a vacuum cleaner. Some vacuum cleaners have a blower function as well which is an added advantage so that you do not need to buy a blower separately.

Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner for Wet/Dry/Blowing

This is one of the vacuum cleaner that I suggest as it has multiple functions like wet vacuuming and blowing functions in addition. As per user experience, this provides one of the best vacuuming experience in all cases.

It comes with multiple attachment to vacuum in different places.

How to clean home

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A good vacuum cleaner is a handy device to have. It will easily take the dust and clean your places.

Other options:

In case you don’t have any of the above equipment, then you can manually hand broom under the sofa or furniture, but you may miss some places to clean, and your cleaning won’t be perfect.

But in case you can spend some time and have patience, you can take time and do the cleaning.

Lets now continue with cleaning our living room.

Now that you have cleaned under the sofa or any furniture, we can move onto cleaning other items in our living room.

Most of the home will have TV placed in their living room. Cleaning a TV need to be done carefully. We need some good quality cloths like microfiber cloths that we should use for cleaning a TV as it has a display, and it may get scratched easily.

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Microfiber: These cloths are classified based on GSM (Grams per square meter) This is the density of material used to make a microfiber cloth.

It’s considered as if the GSM level is more, the microfiber cloth is good for sensitive jobs like cleaning glass and soft material like plastic and so on. So get a good microfiber cloth for best results.

One that I recommend is given below.

This cloth has served me well since I bought it as it has good water suction and is very mild on electronic equipments like.a TV or mobile, laptop etc.

Now we have got a microfiber cloth, let’s now check how to clean a TV. TV’s generally have dust accumulated on their displays and over the top and back.

For cleaning displays, you may need two cloths, one which is wet or used with a cleaning lotion like colin and a dry cloth to remove the excess lotion on the surface. So here is how to clean a TV screen.

Follow these steps to clean any electronic or electrical equipment in your home.

In case if you clean the back first, here is what will happen.

The dust will get accumulated on your microfiber cloth and when you start cleaning the screen the dust could come in between the screen and cloth and scratch it. This will be a pain seeing our TV scratched.

Other items that you have placed in shelves and the decorative items that you have kept in living room can be dusted using a handle duster mentioned in tools list.

This is a very handy tool to have for small and decorative items, as it won’t break them and throw them away.

Now that we have cleaned our TV, Under the sofa and over it and the decorative items. The job left is to clean the carpet we have.

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Cleaning a carpet is a hard job. The easier way is to take the carpet and shake it with fast movement so that the dust falls down, and then you can clean it with a broom easily. But still it won’t be clean. As a carpet, will have sticky things over it that won’t come off so easily.

Here you can do two things. If your carpet is not shaggy one then you can take a wet cloth and clean the surface with some pressure from your hand, and it will help to remove some sticky dust.

Other thing is if you want to deep clean your carpet and if you have a wet vacuum then you can wash your carpet with a detergent mixed water and let it stay for some time wet and then do wet drying with a vacuum machine that we had mentioned earlier.

This will suck all the water with the dust from the carpet and the carpet will definitely become much cleaner in this process.

In case you have a shaggy carpet, then vacuuming is the way to go with a wide attachment and a vacuum cleaner that we had suggested.

This will clean most of the parts in your living room. In case if you have any other items in your living room, you can follow the same steps to get it clean.

Moving on to the Kitchen :

This is the place in our home that should be maintained cleanly, as our food is cooked here and it should be hygienic. Being a main part of how to clean your home, kitchen cleaning is a priority.

Cleaning a kitchen is a hard job if you have not maintained it and been cleaning it in between, as a lot of things get settled in places where we won’t check regularly.

Some places are

  1. Under the gas stove
  2. Inside the storage cabinets
  3. If we use a gas cylinder, waste get accumulated there
  4. In case your refrigerator is placed inside kitchen, then under it, we can find dust.

Cleaning your refrigerator is another topic to be discussed in another section, so stay tuned.

5. Under equipments like your grinder

6. Oven

7. Places where you keep your utensils.

Things that get accumulated in kitchen are

  1. Oil
  2. Food waste
  3. Waste water
  4. Milk

These are some of the most common things that will get collected in kitchen

Cleaning Kitchen

So we keep some items from the tools list that we had mentioned above ready so that we can start the process.

Let’s start with the main place where we cook food. That is the gas stove. The best way to clean this is by repositioning the gas stove to another place for some time until it’s cleaner.

We need to clean the stove as well as the place where we have placed in the kitchen

Cleaning a gas stove:

Glass stove comes as different components attached together. It will have a burner and some top plates. Remove all of them and use some soap mixed water to clean it.

You can use a tooth brush that you won’t use to clean a thing like a gas stove, and a tooth brush is a very handy tool here.

Clean the burner and the wash the top plates, and use a wet cloth and some colin to clean the stainless steel part of the gas stove.

Presently, glass top gas stoves are the trend going on, as they look good and stay clean for a longer time.

For cleaning that kind of stove, please use a microfiber cloth as mentioned earlier and the process that we had told earlier to clean glass so that you can avoid scratches on the stove.

Now that we have cleaned the gas stove, let’s clean the surface.

The surface that we have in most of the kitchen in our Indian kitchen are of granite or made of Cement.

For a granite surface, we can use a good quality cloth and some cleaning liquid like colin and just spray on the surface and wipe the stains off. It’s a simpler process.

If you have hard stains, Please spray your cleaning liquid in more quantity and keep it longer on the surface before you wipe. By doing this, it will get clean.

In case you have a cement surface, we have some good cement cleaners available in the market that you can use.

Pidilite Roff Cera Clean Rapid Tile and Ceramic Cleaner

The surface should be cleaned now, and our gas stove is also clean.

Now you need to clean the place where you keep your gas cylinder. Gas cylinders are made of iron and it rusts. If kept for a long time in the same place, a gas cylinder can leave a circular mark on the floor, which won’t look good. Here you can get a tile cleaner which will help to remove the stain on your tile.

Using this with a hard brush that you have in your house or a tooth brush will clean the stains on your tile.

So that section is over now let’s move onto other things that we need to clean in our kitchen.

Oil Stain: Oil usually get accumulated in places where we store them in containers. After using oil for cooking, we keep the containers in a place, the excess oil flows down outside the container and settles down.

In long time it will become hard and stay there. Cleaning this is a difficult job.

Oil as we know does not mix with water, so using simple water for cleaning oil does not work. So here also you can use colin or water mixed with soap like utensil cleaning lotion like prill or vim or our detergent will make the process easy.

The kitchen storage areas are another thing that needs to be cleaned. For this, you need to empty each storage and clean it by hand, or if it’s dusty, you can use a blower or a vacuum cleaner to clean the storage, which is a much easier process.

Cleaning water deposits:

Water deposits are common in kitchen in paces where we keep our cleaner utensils. Water settle down there and long settled water will collect stains and that place will get stained. For cleaning this, you need to remove the utensils from that section and wipe the place with a cleaning lotion.

Best practice is to keep the utensils not touching the surface so that there will be air passage and water will get dry. You can use a raiser stand like the one below, which will help keeping the place dry.

Wall mount Kitchen Dish Rack

In my experience, I am able to keep things dry this way and there are no water stains in my kitchen.

Other things that are needed to be cleaned in the kitchen are the sinks and the basins.

Sinks can be cleaned in the same way as you clean any utensils if your sink is made of stainless steel else if you have a cement sink then you can use a pinch of baking soda mixed with water and apply it equally throughout the sink and leave it for some time like an hour or so.

Then wash it away. Your kitchen sink will be cleaner than ever before.

Cleaning Refrigerators and oven:

These are things that are necessary for any kitchen. A refrigerator keeps food items preserved for longer time and an over gives you gas free cooking. Cleaning process for these items are similar as mentioned earlier section

Use a delicate cloth like microfiber to clean such items.

Cleaning Bathroom

This is a place where we sleep, and this place should be kept clean. Here we will have a bed with some bedsheets and pillows and a dressing table may be and some decorative items.

Nowadays, we have attached bathrooms in a bedroom, so keeping a bathroom clean is very necessary, which we will discuss in our next section.

First thing to do is clean the spaces under the bed. This is the most common place where the dust gets collected in a bedroom. Using a vacuum cleaner or a blower, you can clean this place effectively.

Then use a good mop and a cleaning liquid mixed with water , wipe the floor below the bed so that it will be clean and will smell great.

Spotzero by Milton Prime Mop

How to clean home

The beds nowadays come with storage as well. In this case we don’t have any space below to clean so that part can be avoided in this case.

Dressing table can be cleaned as anything in our home. Just organize the thing placed on it and just use a good quality cloth and a cleaning lotion, wipe it off and it’s clean.

Dressing table will have a mirror on it for cleaning this we should use only microfiber cloth so that it won’t get scratched.

For cleaning glass, I would suggest a glass wipe that will give you stain less cleaning for your glasses and mirrors.

How to clean home

Just you need to spray water and glass cleaning liquid mixed to the mirror and wipe it off. Now you have a clean mirror.

Now that you have cleaned your bedroom, you can put your bed cleanly and arranged with pillows and your bedroom will look good. You need to do some organizing of the wardrobe if you have and keep things in place where they belong.

We are now moving onto the most important part, that is bathroom cleaning.

A clean bathroom will keep us and others in our home free from diseases and will keep the ambience of our home good.

How to Clean Bathroom

This is the part of our home which gets the most dirty. It will have stains on floors and unpleasant smell. A smelly bathroom if it’s attached to the bedroom will spoil the bedroom as well.

So we need to keep it clean. Let’s check what are the main areas to clean in a bathroom

1. Bathroom Closet or Bathroom toilets:

This place should be kept clean and we need to clean this regularly as per use as here we will have bad smell and also germ build up. First of all you need to remove all stains in the closet and wash it well using a toilet brush. A good quality brush will do the job easily.

A toilet brush will have hard bristle which will help us to remove hard stained when cleaning is done with a good cleaner. I suggest using Harpic as the go-to cleaning liquid as it’s thick and powerful for toilet cleaning purpose.

Double Side Hockey Brush for Toilet 

How to clean home

Try spreading a liquid like harpic to every place evenly and wait for 10 or so minutes and then wash it away.

Our toilet seat and the closet should be clean by now. Checking for other things to clean, we should consider bathroom floors.

2. Other parts of bathroom:

For this we can use the Harpic red cleaning liquid which is very effective in such cleaning purposes. It will remove stains very easily.

Use a hard brush to apply the liquid evenly through the stained parts of tile in the bathroom and wait for 1 hour or so and then wash it away with water. You will have cleaner bathroom from today if you follow this process.

You can also apply a mix of vinegar and baking soda to the closet to avoid any bad smell.

I suggest using a bathroom freshener, which will help to maintain a good smell in the bathroom. Trust me, it really makes s a difference.

Here we had an idea of how to clean our living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen which are the major parts of our home. At this point, our home will look and feel better.

Now we need a good smell ambiance for that we can use some air fresheners that are available in the market.

There are some automatic air freshener’s that will spray a good smelling perfume which will make your home smell great.

Airwick Freshmatic

How to clean home

It’s very nice to have a clean home and we can say our home as

Home sweet home


Now to conclude with, if you follow the above mention process and routines to clean your home. It will be a better place to live in. Home will love you back as you love it.

Also, you will stay away from any diseases and will be healthy. This was an effort to make a post on how to clean a home so that you could implement it and get result. If you liked this post, please comment below and add your suggestions.

Also, I would like to know what are your ways to keep your home clean. We are working on how to clean car tips and tricks and will be published soon. So stay tuned.

Thanks a lot for taking your time on this.

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