How to disable startup apps in Mac

If you are wondering on how to disable startup apps in Mac, then follow the steps below to do it easily.

Startup apps are those applications that load when a computer boots up. There are various built in services in Mac and Windows that load during boot up. The list of startup apps and services grow as you start using the PC or laptop and install new application.

They are convenient as you may not need to start them manually. Apps like performance monitors, weather widgets, Home automation controls are some example of startup apps. When it comes to Mac, Siri is another startup app that is built in to the OS, which runs when Mac is booted up.

Even though they reduce make your life easier, there are some issues if you have a lot of startup apps and services. You may know that boot up process. It is resource intensive and computer need to load all the drivers and services during boot up.

How to disable startup apps in Mac

If the list of startup apps is high, the total boot time may increase, which will eventually affect the performance of the system. It will also affect the battery life in a battery powered computer like Laptops.

Fortunately, there are ways to disable or delete startup services and app in Windows and Mac. We will know about that in detail here.

Why should you disable unwanted startup apps?

As we discussed earlier, startup apps run with your OS boot up. Following are some reason you should disable unwanted Startup app.

  • Startup apps consume your system resources, and disabling them would free resources to other apps.
  • Having more number of startup apps will make your system slow while booting up.
  • In case of MacBook, startup app keep running in the background and will consume battery without your knowledge. This would reduce your laptop battery life.
  • Some apps that run in the background are connected to the internet, and they consume data, making your network slower.
  • Uninstalling unwanted startup apps would help to clean your hard disk and provide more storage space.

How to disable startup apps in Mac

The process of disabling startup apps in Mac is easier than you think. Follow these steps to do it easily.

  • Turn on your MacBook or any computer running Mac.
  • From the dock, click on the settings icon.
settings in macos
  • Click on General from the sidebar.
general settings
  • Now you will see general options on the right side. Click on Login item’s button.
login items
  • Inside that section, you will be able to see the list of applications that start with OS boot.
turn off startup apps
  • Under the “Open at login” section. You can click on apps and click the “-” button below to remove them from startup.
  • Also, the apps listed below can be turned off by switching the button at the side.


Disabling startup apps would help in boosting your system performance and also reduce battery usage if you are using a laptop.

If you have followed all the steps mentioned above, the startup apps can be easily disabled in macOS.

Thanks for reading.

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