How to do screen sharing during WhatsApp video call

Here is how to do screen sharing during WhatsApp video call so that user can share any content on their phone screen to their contacts.

How to do screen sharing during WhatsApp video call
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With the recent updates, WhatsApp is bringing some great and useful features to its users. Recently they introduced a feature to edit sent messages on WhatsApp and also Lock the chat. These are changes that will make our life easier. Now they are bringing an option to share the screen of your phone during video calls.

This will help the user to show anything on their phone to the recipient. During video calls, you just need to follow some simple steps to use this feature. According to Wabetainfo this feature is available on Android for now with a WhatsApp beta version If you are a beta tester for Android WhatsApp and have updated the app to the latest version, then this feature will be available for you to test

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How to do screen sharing during WhatsApp Video call

To make this feature easy, WhatsApp has added a new button on the “Call control view” section. It looks like a sharing button and on clicking it all the things that you do on your phone screen will be shown to the recipient.

Follow these steps to share your phone screen during a WhatsApp call.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Start a video call with your contact.
  • Tap on the screen and click on the screen share button on the call control view section.
  • On clicking, WhatsApp will ask your permission to share the screen.
  • Once done, all the changes that you make on your phone will be seen by the contact that you have called.

Which Android phones support WhatsApp screen sharing?

As mentioned on Wabetainfo, this feature will be available in phones that have the latest version of Android, starting Android 13. When it comes to iPhones, the feature is not yet available. If you are using the latest version of Android, then consider updating the app to the latest version to use this feature.

Limitation of WhatsApp screen sharing

One of the major limitation is the support to Android version that is mentioned earlier. You need a phone with latest Android version for it to work.

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Another limitation is that this feature won’t work on large group video calls. If you try to share your phone screen on a group call, the members of the group won’t be able to see the shared screen

Things to know on screen sharing during WhatsApp video call

Users will have full control over the screen sharing feature during video calls. When ever you feel that the process should be stopped, you can do it with a button press. The app will ask your permission before sharing the screen, which makes it safer to use.

One thing to keep in mind is that, sharing screen will show all the notifications and other details that you receive during video call. If you are receiving any sensitive information, then it’s better to keep a control over the screen share.

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WhatsApp is bringing changes to its user interface as well. The bottom bar looks have changed recently and also settings also have been updated. With the introduction of screen share, people will be able to use WhatsApp as a tool to help others in their contacts as well.

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