How to enable Lockdown Mode on iPhone

Here is how to enable lockdown mode on iPhone so that you can be sure about the security of your phone if you feel there is unauthorized activity.

Apple has many security features on their iPhones, and these features are improving with each iteration of iOS. Recently, there are many cases where the data from your phone is hacked by people without your knowledge. This happens when your phone gets connected to a public network. It is a serious threat to your privacy and security, as there will be much sensitive information that you might have stored on your phone.

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There are many ways to lock your iPhone like, Face ID and Passcode, but these measures cannot help you from data theft. People who work in secret agencies or hold crucial information related to security of a country or an organization should keep the data secure on their phone and avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

When it comes to browser, Apple’s own browser provides some security features built in to help you protect the data sent and received while browsing the web. Some features like cross site tracking prevision, Hiding IP address and Fraudulent Website Warning are some built-in features in Safari.

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Advantages of Lockdown mode on iPhone

There are many advantages of having Lockdown mode built in. It helps to keep your data safe, following are some advantages.

As the name suggest, Lockdown mode, locks the phone from unauthorized access. If you feel that you are being tracked or your phone is hacked, the enabling lockdown mode will make it secure by blocking unknown activities.

Following are some features which will have changes on Lockdown mode.

  • Messages won’t be fully functional and attachments are blocked. Link previews also won’t be available in this mode.
  • Complex web technologies are blocked on the web browsers on your phone while on Lockdown mode.
  • FaceTime calls are blocked except to people who you call the most.
  • Device connection and sharing will be limited.
  • Enrolling of configurations are limited.

How to enable lockdown mode on iPhone

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Click on settings app.
  • Now scroll down and find “Privacy and security”
  • Enter the passcode
  • Scroll down and at the end of the page.
lockdown mode in settings
  • Click on Lockdown mode, and you will be shown with a screen which tells about the changes that will happen on your phone once it is enabled.
  • In this page, click on Turn On lockdown mode button.
lockdown mode on iPhone
  • You can disable this mode at any time.

Be sure about the points that were mentioned in the earlier section so that you can be aware of the changes that you may notice on your phone after enabling the Lockdown mode on iOS.

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