How to enable low data mode on macOS

Here is how to enable low data mode on macOS easily.

Low data mode is a built-in feature in most of the devices that connect to the internet. Devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops will have this mode to save the apps from using data in the background without your knowledge.

Enabling low data mode is easy in mobile phones but to do the same in a Mac or Windows machine, it needs some digging. Here, let’s see how to do it easily on Mac.

Why do we need to enable low data mode?

  • As the name suggest, this mode helps to limit the data usage by the apps running in the background.
  • If you are using a limited data connection, then this mode would come handy to save the overall data usage.
  • Apps in the background keep syncing to the network and downloading data. This could eat up the data soon.
  • Enabling low data mode helps the apps that you need data to work faster, as the background apps won’t use data.
  • When apps keep syncing and processing data in the background, the system would need more resource to handle it, which eventually would slow down the computer.
  • It will also protect your privacy and security, as unwanted apps will not use data without your knowledge.

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Steps to enable low data mode on macOS

The process to enable low data mode is easy in macOS. You may need to follow the steps below.

  • Turn on your device running macOS
  • Click on the settings button on the launchpad.
setting icon in macOS
  • You will see all the settings options here.
  • Click on Wi-Fi settings in the sidebar.
Settings page in mac
  • Once you select it, there will be a list of Wi-Fi networks that you have connected.
Wi-Fi settings in macOS
  • Find out the network that you may need to enable “Low data mode” ON.
  • After identifying the network SSID. Click on the details button of that SSID in the side.
SSID details in Macos
  • The details page will show your I/P address and also various options and information related to that SSID.
How to enable low data mode on macOS
  • Here you will be able to find a toggle showing “Low data mode”.
  • Turn on the “Low data mode” and now the apps will have a limit in accessing the data in the background.

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Low data mode is a handy feature to have in any device that connects to the internet. Specifically, while you are travelling and using the mobile hotspot, there would be limitation in data usage. Low data mode helps you stay tension free by limiting data usage.

Thanks for reading.

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