How to enable Undo Send option on iOS mail app

If you are wondering on how to enable Undo Send option on iOS mail app, then here are the complete steps to follow to do it easily.

enable Undo Send option on iOS mail app

Some people have tensions while sending an email due to the chances of making an error. This will be more while sending an official email. They tend to check the email multiple times before click the send button. Due to this, popular email options like Gmail provide undo send option which remains enabled for 5 to 10 seconds after you click “Send” button.

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On clicking Undo Send, the email is not sent and again converted to a draft. It will help if you feel there is a mistake in the email body, subject or attachments. If you are using iOS mail app, this feature is available there as well. In this post, we will see detailed steps on how to use Undo Send on iOS.

Error on email usually happens when you do multitasking and switch between apps while sending an email. Due to this, you may copy and paste unrelated content or wrong links to the email. This could cause serious issues and misunderstanding if the email that you sent is official.

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Advantages of Undo Send in email

  • User can stop from email being sent before 10 seconds.
  • If there are any corrections needed, it can be done and the email can be resent.
  • Can recheck the attachments before sending the email.
  • Undo send can avoid any issues caused by sending wrong details on official emails.

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How to enable Undo Send option on iOS mail app

In iOS 16 this feature is enabled by default by if you are using older version of iOS, you can enable this manually. You can get an Undo Send time up to 30 seconds based on the settings. Following are the steps to follow to enable this setting.

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Go to “Settings” and find the “Mail” option listed.
mail app in settings
  • Click on “Mail” and scroll to the bottom of the resulting page.
  • Here you will find a button called “Undo Send Delay” under the “Sending” section.
undo send delay setting
  • By default, the time is set to “10 Seconds”. Click on the button and you will see various time options.
  • Available time options are 10, 20 and 30 Seconds. Select accordingly and click “Back” button to save the setting.
undo send button

From now, if you send an email from iOS mail app, there will be a window of 10 seconds before it can be undone.

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