How to enable WhatsApp side-by-side view feature in Tablets

Here is how to enable WhatsApp side-by-side view feature in Tablets so that you can chat with two people side by side in large screen.

WhatsApp side-by-side view feature

WhatsApp being the most popular instant messaging app in both iOS and Android had a limitation till now. They were more focussed on small screen devices like smartphones. Even though the feature of WhatsApp web was available, still it had limitations when it comes to multitasking. Now with the new Side-by-side view feature coming out, this is going to change as people can use WhatsApp with multi-window chat on Tablets as well.

Presently, users are able to chat with one person at a time but with the side-by-side feature, users can add two separate chat windows and message two people at the same time. As mentioned in the recent blog in Wabetainfo, this feature will arrive soon with upcoming updates in WhatsApp. If you are a WhatsApp beta tester, then this feature will be already available with the version

With the recent updates, WhatsApp is bringing many new changes to the table like the Chat lock feature, sharing status to Facebook, direct transfer of chats without use of Google Drive etc. Side-by-side chat feature will make the app more flexible and more user-friendly. Consider checking the WhatsApp settings now if you are a beta tester and have the latest version downloaded.

How to enable WhatsApp side-by-side view feature

As the user won’t get this feature enabled by default, it is needed to be enabled manually from settings.

Follow these steps to enable it

Open WhatsApp in a tablet > Go to settings > Scroll down and click on “Chats” > Turn on the Side-by-side-view.

Once done, you will be able to create multiple chat windows in the same screen.

In my personal experience it would be good to use this feature if the screen size of the tablet is large, for smaller screens less than 8 inch, it won’t be a great experience as things may get a bit cramped.

If you have a tablet and have a WhatsApp beta build, then you should definitely try out this feature. Presently it is available for some beta testers only, and soon it will be rolled out widely.

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