How to find Wi-Fi password in Mac

If you are wondering on how to find Wi-Fi password in mac then here are the steps.

Wi-Fi passwords are remembered only till you connect to the network. Specially if you connect to a network in your office or your friend’s home, you may forget the password once you leave the place.

If you use a MacBook and have connected to a Wi-Fi network earlier, then it’s an easy process to retrieve the password so that you can connect other devices to the same network easily.

In this post, you will know about the complete process that is needed to be done to get the Wi-Fi password of any connected network on macOS

How to find Wi-Fi password in Mac

Why we need to get Wi-Fi Password?

As I mentioned earlier, once you connect your Mac to a network, we forget the password.

If you want to connect other devices like, smartphones, tablets to the same network, we may need to ask for the password again to the owner.

To avoid this, we have a tool that can be used in Mac.

How to find Wi-Fi password in Mac?

Follow these steps to find the lost or forgotten password in your Mac.

  • Turn ON your MacBook or any computer that is running Mac.
Finding Wi-Fi password is easy in macOS computers that are connected with same Apple ID is easy as they are all synced to cloud.
  • Login with your account details
  • Go to dock bar and click on the “Launchpad” button.
launchpad in Macos
  • You will see all the apps installed in your MacBook or computer
  • Find the folder or collection of apps called “Others
Others folder in Mac
  • Once you click on Others, the folder will open, showing various system apps.
  • You will find an app called “Keychain
Keychain access
  • Click on the app.
  • Here you can find all the stored password that you have used in your macOS.
Keychain access window
  • There is a search box at the top right of the Keychain Access window.
  • Enter the SSID name in that window that you want to retrieve the password.
  • Once you enter it, all the related entries will be shown.
list of stored SSID
  • Double-click on the SSID and a new window will open.
  • Click on the “Show Password” check box.
  • Another popover will appear asking for your MacBook or Mac login password.
  • Enter the password and click “OK”
  • The password for the Wi-Fi network that you were searching will be shown in the box.
Wi-Fi password in Mac

If you follow all the steps mentioned above, you can easily retrieve any stored Wi-Fi password in Mac, iPhone, iPad etc.

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