How to Find WiFi Password in Windows 10 and Windows 11

Wi-Fi has become one of the primary way of connectivity in Home and Office. When we are at home we have a different SSID and when we go to office the SSID would be different. Due to the use of different SSID’s we get confused about the passwords that we use for different Wi-Fi connections that we use. If you are a Windows 10 or Windows 11 user, and you are wondering about how to Find WiFi password in Windows 10 and Windows 11 then let’s discuss the easy process in detail.

Finding the WiFi Password

  • To search for the existing WiFi password of the SSID that you are now connected in, you just need to go to the WiFi settings of the Windows 10. To go to WiFi settings in Windows 10, Click on the search button shown on the Taskbar and enter “WiFi Settings” and hit enter key.
windows 10 wifi settings
windows 10 wifi settings
  • The Wifi Settings Window will open. which will have the latest WIFI network information added. The window will look like something shown in the below image.
How to find WiFi password in windows 10
wifi window
  • Click on the Open button and the window will redirect to the WiFI settings.
  • Now you are in the main window where you will be able to see all Wifi Details.
  • Click On the “Network and Sharing Center” button.
How to find WiFi password in windows 10
wifi network settings
  • You will now see your current connected SSID at the top tight of the window.
ssid settings
ssid settings

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  • Click on the WIFi SSID name shown and you will see another popover which will be showing the Wireless Properties.
wifi status page
wifi status page
wifi properties
wifi properties

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  • Click on the “Wireless Properties” button shown in the popover.
  • Now you will be shown with another popover Wireless Network Properties
  • In the resulting popover go to Security Tab.
  • Here you will see your present SSID password in dots.
  • Click on the “Show Password” check box.
  • Now you will see the password of your present Wifi Network.

This is how to find the Wi-Fi password in Windows 10 using the Settings panel there is another way to find the Windows 10 or Windows 11 password. Let’s check that now.

Finding WiFi password using cmd Command Prompt

  • Go to Start Menu or Press ” Windows key + R” on your keyboard.
  • Or Search for Command prompt on the Start Menu and right click
  • In the resulting Menu click on “Run as Administrator
  • Now to find out the list of all WiFi network that you have connected enter the following command.

netsh wlan show profiles

  • The above command shows all the network list but if you need the password for a specific WiFi SSID then enter the following command.

netsh wlan show profile name=”WiFi-Profile” key=clear

After giving the command you will see the specific SSID password listed in the command prompt.

cmd wifi
cmd wifi

In the Key content section, you will see the WiFi password of your present SSID.

This is how to find WiFi password on windows 10 using cmd Command Prompt

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