How to install ChatGPT on iPhone and Android

Here is how to install ChatGPT on iPhone and Android so that you can use it on the go. This is limited to certain regions for now.

How to install ChatGPT on iPhone and Android

ChatGPT has gained it popularity on web very soon, and it’s being applied on many platforms for now. If you have used ChatGPT on web and want to use it as an app on mobile then it is good news for you as OpenAI has release mobile version of ChatGPT for iPhones. This will be rolled out to all countries lately.

For now the app is available in Apple App Store only and is expected to be available on Google Play Store as well. As mentioned in a blog post in OpenAI website, they are presently gathering feedback from the users of the app and more features will be added to mobile version of ChatGPT soon.

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In the App Store page, it’s mentioned as the app will be able to provide answers to any questions from the user as in the web version and also advice. Users can also use the app to get professional inputs and creative and inspirational content from the mobile version.

Users need to provide certain permissions while installing Android or iOS app of ChatGPT. Some needed permissions that are mentioned on the App Store page are, identifiers, data usage and diagnostics. iPhone users who have iOS 16.1 or above can install the ChatGPT mobile app now.

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How to install ChatGPT on iPhone and Android

To install first, the iPhone should have iOS version 16.1 or newer version. This can be checked by going to Settings > General > About Phone. Once confirmed, follow the steps below to install ChatGPT on iOS.

Android users will be getting the app soon and people who have Android 12 or later will be able to install the app.

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Steps to install ChatGPT on iOS and Android

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Click on the App Store button.
app store
  • Now click on the Search button at the bottom bar.
  • Enter the search term “OpenAI ChatGPT”.
  • In the search result, you will find the app listed.
  • Once found, click on Get button and install it.
  • After installing, you may need to provide some basic permissions.
  • Login using Google, Microsoft or OpenAI account.

Once this process is done, you are all set to use ChatGPT on your iPhone and Android. Note that the app is presently rolling out to other regions, and some locations may not have it yet on their Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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