How to Install MacOS Ventura Beta in Any Mac

In the WWDC 2023 apple launched latest version of their OS to all the Apple devices. One of the most expected update came for MacOS. New version of MacOs comes with some unique changes. If you want to have a look into MacOS Monterey and its feature, you can installed the developer beta of the OS and have a try. Here let’s discuss about how to install MacOS ventura beta in any Macbook.

Note: To install developer beta of MacOS you may need a Apple developer account. Public Beta of MacOS ventura will be available next month.

How to Install MacOS Ventura Beta in Any Mac

First you need to setup time machine backup in your mac. For that go to App drawer and click on Time machine.

Here you can select two options like iCloud backup or a Backup to local drive.

How to Install MacOS ventura beta

Select accordingly and backup your Mac so that in case you run into any problems with the latest mac update, you can restore things any time.

Now that you have done the backup, you need to download the beta profiles from Apple website. To find the beta profile head over into where you can find the beta profile.

How to Install MacOS ventura beta

Here you will see all versions of Apple beta software profiles for iOS, MacOS, tvOS and WatchOS. As we are downloading the MacOS beta profile, click on that. You will see the resulting page here.

How to Install MacOS ventura beta

Click on the download page link and you will be redirected to a login page where you need to enter the Apple developer login credentials.

After login with the Developer Apple ID you will see the resulting page. Click on the install profile button in that page to download the MacOS developer beta profile to your mac.

How to Install MacOS ventura beta

The profile will get downloaded to the downloads folder in your mac. Go to downloads folder and open the beta profile and install it.

public beta

You will see a window where you need to click the continue button and complete the flow to start the setup.

macos install

Select the drive accordingly where you need to install your MacOS Monterey. After completing the flow you will be asked to enter the username and password of the Mac To install it you may need to enter the username and password of your mac in the prompt shown.

Once the above process is done your beta profile is installed to your mac. You may be asked to restart the mac, do a restart and then you are ready to download and install the latest version of MacOS Monterey.

To check for the update click on the Apple logo at the status bar and then click About this mac button

macos setup

After clicking that you will see a software update button at the resulting window. Click on that. Your mac will check for any updates available. It will show the Upgrade Now button for the latest Macos Monterey which you can download by clicking the Upgrade now button.

software update

Wait for the OS to get downloaded. The file size will be around 11 GB. Once downloaded you can do the setup process to install the latest version of MacOS Monterey.

how to install latest macos

When the setup process is complete you will be asked to restart the Mac. Once restart is done, MacOS Monterey is ready for you to use.

Home screen
MacOS Monterey Home Screen


MacOS ventura is the 13th iteration of the MacOS that we know. Apple has brought some design as well as new functionalities to this version of Mac. Being in the developer beta stage, you can expect bugs and issues with the OS. You should be aware that you are installing a developer beta of MacOS ventura and may face issues here.

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