How to install Windows 10 in PC or Laptop

Installing windows is a main thing that you will be looking for if you are buying a laptop without an OS installed. Even in case you have built a PC by your own, then also the question in your mind will be how to install Windows 10 in PC or Laptop.

Here I have described some ways to help you do the same in an easy and simple way so that you can get your copy of Windows 10 installed.

There are a few ways you can get Windows 10 installed.

  1. Upgrading from Windows 7 or 8. There are still ways to do it.
  2. Installing a fresh copy of Windows 10.

Let’s now check how to do the above-mentioned in a simple and easy way.

How to install Windows 10 in PC or Laptop

Upgrading from Windows 7 or 8.

As Microsoft is not allowing or showing user an option to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 directly from the Windows 7 we may not be able to upgrade like that. Same thing applied for Windows 8 users as well.

Microsoft is now fully focused on Windows 10, and they have officially stopped the Support to older versions like Windows 7.

Don’t get disappointed. If you want to upgrade, there are methods to do it. The problem that you could face is that your computer will be wiped off, and you will need to install a fresh copy of Windows 10. You can get the installation file online.

Installing windows 10 in PC.

Its a simple process. For this you need the following

  • The setup file for Windows 10 that you need to download from Microsoft website.
  • A USB thumb drive that you need to make the Setup disk for your windows installation.

If you have all the things mentioned above, you can install Windows 10 in PC or Laptop easily.

Setup process

Go to the above-mentioned Microsoft website and download the latest version of the ISO file for Windows 10 that you want to install.

How to install windows 10 in laptop

Here you may need to select the version of windows that you need and click confirm.

When you click confirm, the page will ask you to select the language.

Select the needed language

How to install windows 10 in pc

You need to remember this selection for completing the setup.

Select the language and click on confirm button.

Now you will be shown with the versions available for Windows 10. Usually you will be having two options like a 32 bit version and a 64 bit version.

You should be knowing which version is supported by your PC or laptop.

In case you don’t know, search with your PC processor model number or laptop model number to find out the which OS version is supported.

Now that you have known it, we can download the version of windows we have selected,

windows 10 download

Your download should have started by now, and you need to wait for some time.

It depends on your network connection speed and the file size will be around 4 GB.

Are you are installing Windows 10 for the first time, then you should first find out if your system support Windows 10.

As Microsoft has recommended a basic configuration that is needed to run Windows 10.

At this point, your download should have been completed, and you are ready to install Windows 10.

Connect your USB thumb drive to the USB port of the PC or laptop that you have downloaded Windows 10 ISO file.

Create the bootable USB using this tool

After creating the bootable USB now you can begin with the setup.

Reboot your PC with USB thumb drive connected. Your PC will automatically enter into the installation process.

In case your PC or laptop does not enter into setup mode check the bios and enable boot from USB option.

Now then the PC boots to the installation you will find two options in the screen.

  1. Update this PC now
  2. Install a fresh version of windows.
How to install windows 10 from windows 7

Here, as update won’t work, we can select to install a fresh version of windows.

Now you need to follow the steps provided in the flow.

First step is to select the language, time and currency format and the input method that you are going to use.

After selecting the options, press Next

Here you will see a new window showing Install now button. Click on the button and the Installation will start.

Now here you will see a window to activate your version of Windows 10. Either you can skip the process or if you have a valid Windows 10 key then you can enter.

If you have the key, you can validate the windows there itself. Else, if you have skipped the process, you can check for validation later inside your Windows 10.

activate windows 10

After completing the above step, you will now be redirected to a screen to select the installation type. Here you will have two options like

  • Upgrade:Install windows and keep file and settings and applications
  • Custom Install windows

As mentioned earlier, we won’t be able to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8, so we can select the second option for Custom installation.

If you select the custom installation option, you will be seeing an option to select the drive that you want to install the windows On.

Select the partition, or you can delete or format the existing partitions and create new one.

If you delete or format a partition, then your existing data will be lost, and you may not be able to recover it.

Use these options to select the storage and click on the Next button.

The actual setup process begins here, and the rest the system will handle.

You will see a progress screen which will show the setup percentages based on each step.

installing windows 10

Now you can sit and relax until the process completes.

After the installation is completed, the system may restart, and you will be taken to the final configuration screen where you may need to give user login info and connect the system to Wi-Fi or network.

setup screen

On doing this process, you can connect your Microsoft account here as well.

login to microsoft

Now you need to enter the user login info and password. After that, you may greeted with Cortana in windows, and you can set up Cortana and proceed.

windows 10 welcome screen

There will be a final screen shown where it will take some time to setup your home screen.

cortana setup

Here you will be knowing how to install Windows 10 in any PC or laptop

In case you are not activated, you will get a time period to activate windows, after that you will see a watermark on your screen to activate.

You can buy the key mentioned above and activate Windows 10 easily.

Conclusion on how to install Windows 10

If you follow the above-mentioned process, you can easily install Windows 10 in any PC or laptop.

If you still have questions on how to install Windows 10 then you can add it to the comment section below so that I can help you out.

Please share the post with friends so that they can also try installing Windows 10 in their laptop or PC. In case you need to know how to speed Windows 10 then you can find it in our blog section.

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