How to maintain iPhone battery health

If you are searching for ways to maintain iPhone battery health then check out this post which could help you do it easily.

Latest generation iPhones are very efficient and also smart enough to keep track of the battery health.

Apple has added certain feature in their iOS which would help in maintaining the battery health in iPhone.

Still, after some duration of a year or so, we can see the battery capacity of iPhone battery to reduce.

maintain iPhone battery health

There are various factors that come into play for this to happen, and we are going to discuss the same here.

Also, we will check out some tips and tricks that you can follow to maintain battery health on iPhone to 100%.

Before jumping into the ways to maintain battery health, we need to check the battery health level in your iPhone

How to check battery health in iPhone

The process to check battery health in iPhone is very simple. You just need to follow the steps below.

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and find “Battery”
iphone battery setting
  • Click on the option which opens the battery details.
  • In the battery details page, click on the “Battery Health & Charging” option.
iphone battery health and charging
  • Inside battery health and charging page, you will be able to see the health of your iPhone battery.

Battery health is shown as Maximum capacity in this section.

iphone battery health capacity

What is a good battery health percentage in iPhone

When it comes to iPhone battery health, it is calculated in percentages, and it determines the amount of charge that the battery could hold in a complete charge.

A new phone would have 100% battery life, which is the maximum capacity a phone battery could have.

Once we start using, the battery health could reduce based on our usage patterns.

For example, iPhone battery health 85 is good or bad is a common question that people would have once the battery health reaches 85%.

At this point, the battery of your iPhone has lost 15% of its capacity and would be able to store only 85% charge.

This won’t be visible when you charge the iPhone as it would have shown 100% charge, but the total capacity of the battery is only 85%.

As per statements from Apple, once the battery health reduces to 80%, it’s time to replace the battery as it won’t be reliable anymore.

It is also good to replace the battery at that time because once the battery gets old, there are chances of it getting bulged and damage your phone.

In my personal opinion, we should always try to maintain the battery health of iPhone between 85 and 95 percent.

Common reasons for fast degrading of iPhone battery health

Main reason for iPhone battery degrading are the following.

  • Improper battery charging cycles
  • Keeping your iPhone in a hot environment
  • Discharging the battery until below 20 percent each time
  • Usage of low quality phone chargers

Let me explain the above listed points in detail.

Battery charging cycles

Battery cycles are determined by the type of charging pattern that you do with your iPhone.

Once you charge your phone to 100% and discharge the phone to 50%, charge again to 100% and discharge again to 50% will make one battery cycle.

It is determined by the 100% discharging of your iPhone battery. The more number of cycles the battery does, the capacity reduces based on that.

As per Apple, an iPhone battery is rated for 1000 battery cycles, after which it needs to be replaced.

Keeping or using iPhone in a hot environment

Another common cause of battery health degradation is using iPhone in hot environment.

People who work outdoors or in underground mines, they stay in hot environments.

Also, keeping your iPhone under the direct Sun could cause it to heat. This could happen if you keep and forget your iPhone in a parked car.

Overheating of the battery could cause it to degrade fast and also explode.

Discharging the battery below 20%

Every time you over use the battery, it would affect the battery health.

The safe charge level of any battery that you use is 20%, when you keep using your phone after that and recharge it again, it would have serious effect on battery health.

Usage of low quality mobile chargers

There are a lot of fake mobile chargers in the market which people buy to charge phones. These chargers are not tested for charging the phone and would cause damage to the battery.

Genuine chargers from Apple and other brands are tried and tested to keep your phone battery safe while charging.

Each genuine charger would have circuits like, overcharge protection, heat protection and short circuit protection.

When you use a low quality charger, it would affect the phone battery life to a large extent.

How to maintain iPhone battery health

Always make sure to use Apple approved chargers

As Apple has stopped providing chargers with latest generation iPhone, people buy chargers from outside.

We need to make sure that the charger that we buy is Apple approved and can be used with iPhone.

Genuine chargers will always keep charging of the battery stable and would provide only the needed current and voltage.

This would help in maintaining the battery health in your iPhone.

Avoid keeping iPhone in charger for long

Even though iPhone is smart enough to cut off the charging when it reaches 100%, keeping the battery connected to the charger for long is not advisable.

It’s like keeping the phone always at 100% is also not good for battery.

Once the battery reaches 100% you can turn off the charger or unplug the phone from it.

This process can be automated using a smart plug and shortcuts in iPhone.

Enable optimized battery charging

This is a built-in feature in latest iPhones with the new version of iOS. You can enable this feature inside the battery setting.

To enable it, do the following steps.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on battery
  • Select “Battery health & Charging”
  • Turn on Optimized battery charging”
optimised battery charging

With this enabled, iPhone would learn from your daily charging pattern and charge the iPhone till 80% in a faster rate and after that the charging is done only if needed.

It would help in reducing the aging of battery and maintain iPhone battery health.

Keep Monitoring battery usage

To reduce battery charging and discharging cycles, we need to know which app or process is using the battery most.

If you know it, we can either terminate that process or uninstall the app if it’s not needed.

iOS has a built-in feature to know and keep track of this.

To check the battery usage status,

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Battery
  • Here you can find the Battery usage stats and apps using the battery.
battery usage in iPhone

Enable Low Power Mode

Low power mode is also a built-in feature in iOS.

This reduces the use of battery by the process and apps running in the background, and also by stopping features like Siri suggestions.

Some apps constantly keep using location in the background, which drains the battery.

To enable low power mode, enable the following settings.

  • Go to Setting
  • Click on battery
  • Turn on the “Low power mode”
Low power mode in iPhone

Stop draining battery to 0%

The most common mistake that people do is draining the battery to 0%. This has a serious impact on battery health of your iPhone.

Each time you drain the battery goes to 0%, and you start charging back, it produces a lot of heat in the battery, causing it to reduce the battery health.

It would be better to charge the phone once it reaches 20%.

Use the phone in cool environment

High temperatures are a serious enemy for battery health of iPhones.

Avoid keeping the phone directly in the sunlight, or placing it inside a parked car under Sun.

This could overheat the phone and the battery, causing it to degrade in a fast rate.

Replace the battery once it falls below 80% health

Make sure that you replace the battery once its health goes below 80%.

Batteries with low health are always a danger and there are incidents happened due to this.

Consider replacing the battery by visiting the closest Apple service center as soon as possible.

Keep your phone up to date

An easy step that you can follow is to keep your iPhone updated with the latest software.

Apple regularly releases updates for their iOS versions, and some versions can have battery drain issues.

If you feel that the battery is draining fast without you using it, check if any new OS update is available.

In case there is an update then, do the update to solve any issue with the battery drain to get better battery life and reducing the battery charge cycles.

Conclusion on maintain iPhone battery health

Battery health determines how many days you can use your iPhone. We need to take care of battery while using the phone every day.

I am an iPhone user for last 4 years and my battery health always remains above 90% even after 2 years of continuous use.

Presently I am using iPhone 13 and the battery life is at 93 percentage. Try to follow all the tips that I have added above.

This blog was created based on my personal experience on iPhone and the steps that I have taken to maintain iPhone battery health.

Thanks for reading

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