How to record calls on WhatsApp on any phone

If you are wondering about how to record calls on WhatsApp, then it can be done easily using some applications available in App Store and Play store.

How to record calls on WhatsApp

Call recording is an old feature and is available in most of the phones. Using the feature, we can record any voice calls and hear the conversation later on. This comes handy when you call your friend or family member for any important information and want to use it later on. People use WhatsApp for making calls as it is really convenient and if you have a good 4G or 5G connection, calls will be clear and smooth.

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There is still one limitation is WhatsApp, that is call recording. No built-in feature is available, which you can use to record calls on WhatsApp. Like a normal call recording, recording WhatsApp calls will come handy in many ways, as it’s a primary means of communication now.

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A lot of 3rd party apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In my personal experience, there are certain apps that work really well for this purpose. Using these apps, you can record WhatsApp voice calls, share the calls to other people and also store them for later use. There are no limitation for recording calls. One such app is Call Recorder – Cube ACR. This app is available in both Android and iOS platforms. Follow the steps below to record voice calls on WhatsApp.

How to record calls on WhatsApp

To begin with, you may need to install the Call Recorder – Cube ACR app on your phone. Once install, the app will appear on the app drawer on iPhone or Android.

call recorder

Open the app, and you will be shown with a welcome screen. You may need to complete a process to do the setup. In the onboarding flow, you will be shown with all the details and steps to be done for recording a call on WhatsApp. The app may ask for some permissions, which you may need to allow on both iPhone and Android. Once done, you are all set to record calls that you receive on WhatsApp.

setup call recorder

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There is a premium version of the app which offers many features like Unlimited call recording, You can take notes while recording, Cloud backups for your recordings, Passcode protection and many more. If you want to regularly record calls then consider getting premium versions, else free version is available. In the premium package page, you may need to press skip button and proceeded further.

premium features of call recorder

After clicking on “Skip”, you will see the dashboard of the app. You must sign in to the app to start recording. This can be done by clicking on the settings button at the bottom, right. Following are the steps to record calls.

call recorder dashboard
  • Accept the call that you receive on WhatsApp.
  • After receiving the call, open the Call recorder app.
  • Now you will see a record button on the screen.
  • Tap on it to initiate the recording service.
  • Once it starts, there will be a button called “Merge”. Click on that to initiate the recording.
merge calls

You can follow the same process while making calls as well. Once the conversation is complete, the recorded calls will be listed on the dashboard of the app, which you can listen or share later.

list of recorded calls on WhatsApp

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Call recording would be a great feature to have if it comes built in with WhatsApp so that we can avoid using 3rd party apps for this. WhatsApp recently is launching many useful features, and we have an expectation as the recording feature will soon be available. To know about latest features of WhatsApp, stay tuned to

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