How to Record Screen on MacOS

There are many tools available in the Apple Appstore as well as 3rd party apps that you can download separately and do this. But there are things that Apple have inbuilt to Mac OS which could do it better and in an easy way. So let’s check how to record screen on MacOS.

Process to record screen on MacOS

Recording Mac Screen with voiceover

In case you need to record your Macbook screen with your voiceover then follow the steps below.

  • Go to launchpad.
  • Go to Others folder
How to screen record on MacOS
  • Click on Quick Time player.
How to record screen on macos
  • Once you are in the Quick time player you will have many options based on your need.
  • In the top bar you will see Quick time player options. When you click on Quick time player icon you will be shown with a window asking for the storage location. Click Cancel.

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  • Head over to the top bar and click on the File button.
How to record screen on macos
  • There you will see a menu as shown below
screen recording for mac
  • Here you can see 3 options like- New Movie Recording, New Audio Recording, New Screen Recording

Each option mentioned above has its own purpose based on your need. Lets check that out.

Recording Movie in MacOS

  • From the menu click on “New Movie Recording” button.
  • Once you click that button, you will see a window where the camera gets active and you can record your own face in the movie. Incase you have a secondary camera you can use this feature to record the content in front of the camera.

Recording Audio in MacOS

  • Similar to movie recording you need to select the second option from the list.
  • Here you will see a small window with the red record button.
  • You need to select the source of recording, i.e the mic you are going to use.
  • Select the appropriate Mic option and hot record. Now your Mac will record all the audio that you speak.
quick time player

Screen recording on MacOS

  • Here you need to select the 3rd option shown in the Quick time player menu list.
  • Once you select that option you will see a recording window to select a particular area of the screen. In the bar shown below you can select entire screen for recording or a a particular area.
  • Also you can select the input Mic that you need to record sound.
  • Once you have selected the area that you want to record, hit the record button. The screen recording will start with the voiceover.

Hope this post helps on How to Record Screen on MacOS. Thanks for reading.

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