How to remove Snapchat My AI from feed

Here is how to remove Snapchat My AI from feed. If you do not have a premium subscription of Snapchat, then it would be hard to remove it.

Snapchat+ subscribers have an option to remove the My AI from the chat feed. Initially, this feature was rolled out for Snapchat+ subscribers. It is known to cause issues with users of Snapchat, which made it to get negative reviews in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How to remove Snapchat My AI from feed

If you are a free user, there is no option available for now to remove the My AI and to remove it, you may need to buy the subscription for 3.99 USD. My AI is a new feature added to Snapchat which gives replies to messages as you are talking to a friend. It can suggest you with various lenses that can be used and also other suggestions like places to visit. People who are using the free version of Snapchat earlier were having their friends chat at the top. Since the addition of My AI, they always see the AI chat appearing on top of the chat feed.

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Snapchat has added this integration by using Bitmoji avatars. Open AI GPT is also used to integrate it to Snapchat. To remove the My AI from the chat feed, you can get the monthly subscription from Snapchat and do it easily, or else follow the steps below.

How to remove Snapchat My AI from feed

  • Open the Snapchat application in iPhone or Android phone.
  • Click on the Bitmoji icon at the top left.
bitmoji snapchat
  • Click on the “Settings” button at the top right of the resulting profile page.
Settings page in Snapchat
  • Find “Privacy Controls” in the Settings page.
privacy controls
  • There will be an option to “Clear Data” click on it. You will be taken to the clear data page.
  • Here there will be an option called “Clear Conversations”, click on it.
clear conversations
  • Here you will see “My AI” listed. Click on the “X” button to the side of it.
  • You are done now, the My AI chat will be removed from the feed.

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