How to reset Apple Silicon Mac easily

Here you will find the complete process to reset Apple Silicon Mac easily.

Are you planning to sell or upgrade your Apple Silicon Mac, then here is a way to completely reset it before giving it to someone else.

It is a common process to upgrade or sell your old MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or Mac Computer. People usually are worried about their data while giving their laptop or pc to other people.

How to reset Apple Silicon Mac easily

Resetting the Old MacBook was a hard job, as we may need to go to safe mode on macOS and format the disk.

Since the introduction of Apple Silicon M1 series and M2 series MacBook, Mac Mini and Mac Studios, resetting your computer has been an easy process.

The reset could be done similarly as an iPhone. Follow the steps below to reset Apple Silicon Mac easily.

Why do we need to reset Mac before selling it?

As we know, our laptop or PC would have all the important data that we store in it. If we give the PC or laptop to another person, he or she should be able to access our photos, videos and other sensitive information.

To avoid this, we need to reset the Mac so that all the content inside the SSD is erased. Hard resetting the mac would ensure your data is safe.

Points to consider before resetting Mac

  • All data stored in the mac should be backed up.
  • iCloud sync needs to be enabled so that all messages and mails are synced.
  • When you reset, find my services would be disabled.
  • Make sure you have a copy of all the needed data stored in the cloud.

How to reset Apple Silicon Mac easily

Following are the steps to follow.

  • Boot your Apple Silicon MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac.
settings in mac
  • In the resulting Settings window, click on “General” tab in the sidebar.
General options in Mac
  • Here on the right side section, you will find an option called “Transfer or Reset”
Erase content in Mac
  • Click on that option, and you will be shown with Migration and Reset options.
  • If you want to migrate the content to a new Mac device, click on the “Open Migration Assistant” button.


  • To reset the Mac and wipe all the contents, click on “Erase All Content and Settings” button.
  • Here you will get a window asking for your Mac password. It is the erase assistant built in your Mac which will help you to delete the content.
enter password to reset
  • After you enter the password and click “Unlock”, a new window will appear informing what data would be deleted if you reset.
  • Click on continue button and complete the process, and you are done with the reset.
All contents to erase in mac
  • It will take some time to complete the reset. After the process is done, you are now ready to sell the PC or Laptop.


Since the introduction of Apple Silicon MacBook and Mac computers, the reset process has been easy.

Just with a click of a button, you can complete the process. Make sure to follow the points that are mentioned under things to remember section.

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