How to send email with password protection in Gmail

Here is how to send email with password protection in Gmail. Password protection adds a layer of security to your data sent via email.

Gmail is one of the main email apps that people use worldwide. This is due to the simplicity and easiness to use it. As people are more into privacy and data protection, Gmail comes with a feature to add password protection to the emails that you send. This is a very handy feature to have, which will keep your data sent through email protected. In this post, you will learn to send password-protected emails through Gmail.

How to send email with password protection in Gmail

Before jumping into the process, let’s check why we need password protection in emails.

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Need of password protection in emails send via Gmail

  • A password adds a layer of protection to the emails and data sent through it.
  • It will limit the recipient to further share the emails to another person.
  • If the email includes your bank account information or any other sensitive information, password protection will keep the data secure.
  • It stops people from duplicating the email content.

Following are the steps to send password-protected email through Gmail.

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How to send email with password protection in Gmail

This process is the same in both Android and iPhones.

  • Open the Gmail app in iPhone or Android phone.
  • Click on the compose button in the lower right corner.
  • Add the content and upload any attachments needed.
  • Click on the 3 dots shown at the top right of the screen.
  • Now you will be shown with various options including “Confidential mode” option.
confidential mode
  • Click on the Confidential mode.
  • Options to add protection to your email will be listed.
password in email

Here you can set the password and also the expiry date of the password. Expiry duration of password ranged from 1 day to 5 Years.

Expiry time for protected email

Other than that you can select the ways to set passcode, you can also send the passcode to the receiver using SMS.

You can revoke the access to the email even after you had sent it, which makes it a better feature.

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