How to set WhatsApp status with Audio

Here is how to set WhatsApp status with Audio on any Android or iOS device. With addition, of this feature, user can set 30 seconds of audio as Status.

How to set WhatsApp status with Audio

WhatsApp status is a very popular feature, and most people who use WhatsApp use it. With this users can keep their favorite picture as status for their WhatsApp profile. Now, WhatsApp is taking this feature to another level by introducing Audio status.

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This feature is similar to Instagram stories and can be used on both iOS and Android version of WhatsApp. Like the old status that we share, the WhatsApp Audio Status will be removed in 24 hours from which it is set.

WhatsApp users had featured to send voice messages, but addition of WhatsApp status with Audio makes the process to share the status easier. One thing to notice here is that the time limit of Audio status on WhatsApp is 30 seconds. This is similar to video status messages. With Audio, people also can select a custom color.

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The process to use voice WhatsApp status is really simple as sending a voice message. Following are some steps that you may need to follow to set WhatsApp status with Audio

How to set WhatsApp status with Audio

If you have been setting status on WhatsApp till now, the process of setting Audio WhatsApp status is same.

  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android
  • Go to Status tab by clicking it from the bottom bar.
whatsapp status tab
  • Now, in the right of your profile image, you will see a pencil button.
  • Click on it, and you will be redirected to the status screen.
  • At the bottom of the screen, there will be a microphone button.
audio status on whatsapp
  • To record your voice, press the microphone icon.
  • Once you have completed recording, swipe to the left to stop recording.
  • After recording the voice, you can either delete the recording or post it as a status.

With the audio, there are certain other options with which you can add custom text and color to the background. There is a privacy selector as well, where the user can select the people who can see voice status. The record duration is 30 seconds for each status message.

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