How to setup Google Passkeys in any Laptop or Phone

Here is how to setup Google Passkeys in any Google Account in any device that comes with biometric authentication. This makes your Google login easier and secure.

It has been a long time since we have started using passwords to login to our Google account. Now Google is coming up with a new way for its users to login to their Google account. Passwords are hard to remember and easy to be hacked. This causes a lot of issues. Google says that passkeys will make login to accounts easier and secure, as the passkeys are saved locally on a device and users do not need to remember them.

how to setup Google Passkeys

Google Passkeys basically work on biometric authentication like fingerprint, face, screen lock or hardware security key, making it a much safer way to login to any Google account. This feature is already available and people who want to try it can check it out. Following are the steps to follow to setup and use Google Passkeys in any device. One thing to notice is that Google Passkeys are available for devices which support biometric authentication. This includes, phones with have Face ID or fingerprint scanners. We tried this feature in iPad and iPhones and Mac and it worked perfectly.

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Google has worked with many other companies to enable this feature. Apple and Microsoft are the part of implementing this feature, and it will be supported by services like PayPal, Shopify, Yahoo, Kayak etc.

How to setup Google Passkeys

Open Google Chrome or any browser in a device which has biometric authentication. This includes iPhone, iPad etc. Enter this URL ( and press enter. Now you will be redirected to Google account login. Login with a valid account and you be asked if you want to create a passkey on the device or not. Click on “Continue” button.

Now you will be shown with a biometric authentication window where you may need to keep your finger on the touch ID or do a face ID verification. Once done, your passkey will be created for that device. After this, the user will be redirected to a Passkey page where all the passkeys will be listed.

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User can delete and create new passkeys in this page by clicking “Create a passkey” button. This is a simple an easy process in a device like iPhone or Android phone with biometric authentication hardware.

Google Passkey Supported devices

As mentioned earlier, if your device has biometric authentication, the Google Passkey will work on it. Some supported devices are.

  • iPhone, iPad, Mac with Fingerprint and Face ID authentication
  • Samsung Phones
  • Google Pixel phones with fingerprint authentication

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