How to setup two WhatsApp account on a phone

Here is how to setup two WhatsApp account on a phone. This process will work for both Android and iPhone. There are some points to consider before setting up two accounts.

setup two WhatsApp account on a phone

With dual sim phones being a thing now, people are still limited to use a single WhatsApp account on their phone. Some people carry two different phones to use two WhatsApp account. This is a bit of a hectic process. To solve this issue, some phone manufactures provide the facility to add multiple accounts in same phone called dual apps. We can find this feature in phones from Samsung, Oppo, One plus and Realme.

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Samsung version of this feature is known as dual apps and in Oppo and OnePlus, this feature is known as App cloner. When it comes to other brands like Google, Xiaomi etc., this feature is not available. In Samsung phones using the dual apps features, you can log in to two separate WhatsApp account in a single phone. One WhatsApp will be common and others will be in a separate folder. The accounts will have different phone numbers. This is an added advantage to have as you may not need to carry two phones.

If you have a phone from any other brand, then following are some ways to setup two WhatsApp account.

How to setup two WhatsApp account on a phone

Setting up two WhatsApp account on one phone using WhatsApp business.

This is a simpler way to do it. WhatsApp business is a separate application that you can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once you download the app, you can sign up using a different mobile number to the app.

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With this method, you need not use any 3rd party app to setup a separate account. The process is really simple. Go to Google Play store in Android Phone or App store in iPhone and search for WhatsApp business app.

whatsapp business
  • Install the application and open it.
  • Start with the process by clicking “Agree and Continue” button.
  • In the second step of the process, click on “use a different number” button.
  • Enter a separate number other than your existing WhatsApp account.
  • Get the OTP and signup.
  • It’s done, now you have two WhatsApp account in one phone.

One thing to note here is that, if you use the same number for your WhatsApp and WhatsApp business account, one of the apps will be logged out. This will be useful only if you use two different numbers.

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Setting up two WhatsApp account on one phone using cloning apps

As we discussed earlier, this feature is built in with some specific bran phones, and in that case you do not need to follow the steps below. For any other brands, to use two WhatsApp account on a single phone, the following process will work. In this process, you may need to download a separate app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. One thing to keep in mind is that this app will ask for permissions that you may need to provide.

  • Go to Play store or App Store and search for “Dual app cloner”.
  • You will see a list of apps. Select the first app on the list or click this link.
  • The process is the same in iOS and Android.
  • Install the application and give the necessary permission.
  • In the home screen of the app, you will have multiple options like WhatsApp, Facebook.
  • Using this app, you can use multiple Facebook accounts on one phone as well.
  • Click on WhatsApp and enter a different phone number.
  • Complete the process, and you will be asked if you need to restore old chats.
  • Once done, you are all set to use two WhatsApp account on one phone.

Using 3rd party apps could create issues with privacy, as you may need to share information with them. The best way is to setup an WhatsApp business account or if there is an option to use dual apps natively on your phone, you can try that.

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