How to silence iPhone notifications

If you are receiving a lot of notifications every day, it may be annoying. Here is how to silence iPhone notifications easily.

How to silence iPhone Notifications

There are basically two ways to turn off notifications on iPhone. One is by enabling do not disturb mode and other is manually turning off notifications on iPhone settings. We will check through both the options here. Do not disturb mode is an added feature to all phones to silence notifications. It is also a temporary solution to tackle notifications on iPhone.

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How to silence iPhone notifications using do not disturb mode

As the name suggest, this mode will help you pause receiving notifications from the app. You can also customize this mode for specific apps. If you select an app using this mode, the notification from that app won’t be shown.

do not disturb

Here, you can click on the “Apps” button and select specific apps to not show notification and other to show them. Timed notifications are also possible with this mode, where you can schedule a specific time for it to be active.

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Here is how you can turn on do not disturb mode

  • Unlock your phone
  • Slide down the control center
  • Click on “Focus” button.
  • Select the do not disturb mode.

To modify the settings of the do not disturb mode, you can click on the three dots on the side of the DND mode.

How to turn off notifications from iPhone apps

Now using this method you can disable the notifications from specific apps permanently. Note that you may not receive any further notification for that app once this process is done.

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Click on settings
  • Go to notifications.
  • Find the specific app that you want to disable notifications.
silence notification
  • Either, you can disable the entire notifications or specific notification types.


Silencing notification using these methods is easy but if you do not do it in the right way then, there is a chance of missing important notification.

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