How to silence unknown callers on WhatsApp

If you receive a lot of spam calls on WhatsApp, then here is how to silence unknown callers on WhatsApp so that you can avoid any unnecessary calls.

how to silence unknown callers on WhatsApp
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WhatsApp is coming up with a lot of useful features recently, which could really make life easier. Features like transferring chats from one phone to another phone directly without Google Drive makes switching phones easier. If you are a beta tester of WhatsApp, you can check out these features before others get it. WhatsApp is a platform where we can make and receive calls.

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We also receive calls from unknown numbers as well. It may be promotional calls from banks or services. It can be annoying in some cases. When you are in a meeting or important function, if the phone keeps buzzing, it is a distraction. To avoid this now we can silence a call from numbers which are unknown.

This feature is not turned ON by default, but can be enabled from settings. According to Whatbetainfo this feature is available for Android WhatsApp beta testers in the version Following are steps to enable this feature

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How to silence unknown callers on WhatsApp

To use this feature, download the latest version of WhatsApp. You can turn ON/OFF this feature by going to Settings of your WhatsApp account > Going to Privacy > Click on the option called “Silence unknown callers” > Turn on the switch on the next page.

Initially this feature will be available for limited users only and will be rolled out soon to others as well. With this feature enabled, people can easily avoid any spam calls. It will help to save time and focus on work better.

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It will also make it easy to know about regular scam calls and block those numbers. Scam callers try to gather your personal information or bank details. With this change, people can be more safe from such callers.

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