How to speed up Telegram download

Here is how to speed up Telegram download speed easily.

Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging application that people use. It is considered to be an alternative to WhatsApp.

Many people use Telegram to share files and pictures, and in some cases you will find the download speeds to be slow.

Let me share some quick tips that you can follow to improve the download speed in Telegram application.

How to speed up Telegram download

Check Your Internet Connection

First thing that we need to check is our internet connection. If there is a slowness in download speeds, then the main culprit would be a slow internet speed. There could be various causes of this slowness.

  • You may be out of the coverage area.
  • Your network provider has issues with network
  • Slow internet plan.
  • Your phone’s network settings are not configured properly.

Solution for this issue

  • Check your Wi-Fi router setting if all settings are configured well
  • If you are in a room with a lot of walls, consider moving near to the Wi-Fi router and check
  • Contact your ISP and check if any issues with the network
  • Restart eh Wi-Fi router and the modem.
  • Restart your phone

Update Telegram

Telegram being a popular IM app, they frequently release update for the app. You should keep checking if there is any update available.

The updated app would have the latest set of features and also the bugs from the previous version would have been fixed.

If the previous version of the app would have issues with slowness in download speeds, then after updating the app, the issues should be fixed.

How to update Telegram

The process for this depends on the type of operating system and phone that you are using.


  • Go to play store
  • Click on the user image at the top right.
  • Click on My apps and Games button.
  • Here scroll and check if there is an update available for Telegram


  • Go to App Store
  • Click on the user image at the top right.
  • Now scroll down and check if there is an update available for telegram.

Download One File at a Time

Another major cause of slow Telegram download is downloading multiple files at the same time.

This could really slow down the download speed. Each device in a network is assigned with certain bandwidth.

If you are at home and connected to Wi-Fi, then your phone would have certain bandwidth assigned.

In that case, if you select multiple files in telegram and start downloading them, the phone would need more bandwidth, which it would not get.

Due to this, the download would become slower.

It also depends on the phone’s capability of handling multiple downloads as well.

Solution for this problem

To solve this problem, do the following steps.

  • If you are in Wi-Fi, then go to your router setting and assign more bandwidth to the device that you are doing the download
  • In 4G or 5G network, move to a location where the signal strength is high.
  • Stop downloading multiple files and download one by one.

Clear Telegram Cache

Overtime, all apps in Android and iOS collect junk and cache starts building.

This would eventually slow down the app and cause delay in downloads as well.

To avoid this, we need to keep clearing the cache of the device and also the app itself

Clearing the cache of Telegram app is pretty simple process in both iOS and Android

How to clear cache of Telegram app in iOS and Android


  • Settings > Apps > Telegram > Storage > Clear Cache.


  • Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Telegram > Offload App.

Increase Storage Space

Each mobile phone or tablet may have a certain amount of built-in storage.

When the storage starts to run out, things get overloaded and, phone starts slowing down.

Same thing happens while you download in Telegram as well. We should keep track on the available storage of your phone or tablet before starting the download.

How to increase storage space


Android is very flexible when it comes to storage space. If you feel that you are running out of storage, then you can add an SD card to your phone to increase it.


iPhone has a fixed amount of storage, and you may not be able to add a memory card and increase it like an Android Phone.

In case of an iOS device, we need to consider getting a cloud storage and offloading our pictures and videos.

Also, you can upload the files that are already present to iCloud.

This would release a large amount of storage to complete your download from Telegram.

Use a VPN

VPN could improve your download speed to a large extent. Using VPN provide a better network connection and also fast network switching.

A reliable VPN service like Surfshark, or Nord would have multiple services in a region, and it will be able to provide data from the nearest location

This makes the data to be downloaded faster to your phone.

How to install VPN in Android and iPhone

  • To install VPN, you may need to search for it in the App Store or Play store and install it.
  • Login details would be provided by the VPN provider.
  • Enter the details and connect your phone to a VPN

Change Download Settings

IM apps like Whatspp and Telegram have setting specifically to control downloads of media.

You can set the app to download the media while you are on 4G or 5G. I would suggest you download the media or files when you are in Wi-Fi network as it’s more reliable and fast.

How to set up download options in Telegram

  • Go to Settings > Data and Storage > Automatic media download,

Adjusting these settings can help improve the download speed of Telegram.

Close Other Apps and Tabs

Close all the background apps to improve the download speed.

This is a common issue with people, as they may be running 100’s of apps in the background in their phones.

Due to this, each app will be sipping the internet bandwidth and causing the download speed to go low.

If you go to background apps section and close all the apps running, this would help in boosting the speed of download in Telegram.

How to solve this issue

There are two ways to solve this issue.

  • Close all the background apps.
  • Limit the number of background apps that are active.

You can limit the number of active background apps in iOS and Android from settings.


  • Go to settings.
  • Search for “Background app refresh”
  • Turn off the apps that are running in the background.


In Android, you can limit the number of apps running in the background by going into developer options and set the limit to a certain number of apps.

Here is how would you speed up telegram download speed

All the above-mentioned tricks would help you boost telegram download speed easily. Main thing you need to consider here is that the device that you are using should be good.

If the device is old and have low specifications, then usually the download speed and performance would be slow.

Upgrade to the latest phone or tablet, and you will surely find a speed improvement in downloads in Telegram.

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