How to stop 5G battery drain in iPhone and Android

Here is how to stop 5G battery drain in iPhone and Android. Battery drain in 5G phones are being reported now due to unstable network.

5G battery drain in iPhone and Android

Since the introduction of 5G by Airtel and Jio, people are buying phones that support 5G. As this technology is new and unstable yet, it could cause certain issues with your phone. A major issue that people will notice is the battery drain.

This could happen by various reason and eventually, it will start draining battery making you charge the phone multiple times in a day. To avoid this, tips mentioned below will help. As we know, network providers like Airtel and Jio are in the process of rolling out their 5G network throughout India.

Still there are many locations where there are no 5G towers making your phones to switch between 4G and 5G constantly causing the battery to be drained in a faster rate. Following are some major causes of battery drain in 5G phone

Why does battery drain faster in 5G phones?

  • The major cause is a low signal strength. 5G signal travels a lower distance from the tower to the phone, this could cause your phone to frequently switch between 5G and 4G.
  • If you are in a location that is surrounded by walls and trees, the phones may not receive the 5G signal, causing the phone to start searching for the signal, which could drain the battery.
  • NSA networks are the major cause of battery drain in 5G phones in that location. Non-standalone networks are not a fully reliable 5G network, as they are mostly dependent on 4G infrastructure. Even though 5G though NSA networks are fast, when you place a call or send an SMS, it uses 4G and 3G network. This network switch can cause a huge battery drain.

To solve these issues, you can always switch back to 4G until the 5G network becomes standalone and is stable. Standalone networks are reliable, and they transfer data, calls and messages though a 5G tower which reduces battery drain issues for the users in that location.

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How to switch from 5G to 4G on iPhone?

To solve any battery issue, it’s always suggested to switch to the reliable 4G network of your service provider. If you are using Airtel or Jio, the process is the same.

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Go to Settings
settings in iPhone
  • Click on “Mobile Data”
  • Now you will see all options related to Mobile data.
  • Scroll and click on “Mobile Data options”.
mobile data options
  • Here you will find options for “Data Roaming”,” Voice and data” etc.
voice and data options
  • Click on “Voice and data”.
  • In this page, you will see options like “5G Auto”, “5G ON”, “4G”.
  • Select 4G and click back.

Now your phone will always be in 4G network and stop switching to 5G. This will bring back the battery life that you were getting earlier before 5G was introduced.

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How to switch 5G to 4G on Android phone?

The process to switch 5G network to 4G in Android is similar to iPhone.

  • Unlock your Android phone.
  • Go to Settings
  • Find Data options in the cellular menu.
  • Search for “Voice and Data” option.
  • Here, various network modes will be listed. Select 4G instead of 5G.

After doing this, your Android phone will now only connect to 4G network, which will stop battery drain.

Things to know before switching to 4G from 5G

Latest phones support 5G network and if you are experiencing battery drain or are forced to charge your iPhone or Android phone multiple times a day then it’s good to switch from 5G to 4G.

If you are not experiencing any battery drain issues and the area that you are in have good 5G reception, then staying in 5G is better. It will make your internet speed faster, and you will be able to download and watch content without buffering.

Once switch to 4G from 5G, your phone will always remain connected to 4G until you manually switch back to 5G.

Internet speeds will be slower in 4G compared to 5G network.

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