How to take screenshot on Apple Watch

If you are wondering on how to take screenshot on Apple Watch then following are the steps with which you can do it easily.

How to take screenshot on Apple Watch

Taking a screenshot may come handy in many cases if there are specific notifications or messages appear that you want to use it on a later stage. When it comes to iPhones, taking a screenshot is easy and can be done by pressing the power and the volume up button, and this feature is enabled by default. In Apple Watch, this process needs a few more steps.

Need of taking screenshot on an Apple Watch

For Apple Watch users, there may be many cases when a screenshot is needed. Following are some of them

  • Developers or testers who build apps for iPhone and Apple Watch may need to take screenshots on Apple Watch.
  • User who use Apple Watch and customize them with different watch faces can share them with others by taking a screenshot.
  • As all users get notified on Apple Watch first as it’s on their wrist, taking a screenshot will help to use the information later on.

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How to take screenshot on Apple Watch

These steps will work on any version of Apple Watch available on the market. Users may need to enable a setting on the watch to take a screenshot. This can be done from iPhone as well.

Enable Apple Watch screenshot from iPhone

Unlock your iPhone and open watch app. Now go to “General” setting.

watch app on iPhone

Scroll down and find “Screenshot” section and turn on the switch. Now screenshots feature will be enabled on your Apple Watch.

enable screenshot

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Enable Apple Watch Screenshot from Apple Watch

Take your Apple Watch and press the crown and go to settings.

apple watch settings

Click on “General” and find “Screenshot” and turn it on.

Process to take screenshot on Apple Watch

In Apple Watch, to take a screenshot, we need to press the crown button and the app switcher button at the same time. The captured screenshot will be stored in the photos app on your iPhone.

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