How to use iMessage on Android Phone or Tablet

Here is how to use iMessage on Android phone or tablet with the use of a third party application so that you can send messages to iPhone.

How to use iMessage on Android Phone or Tablet

If you are in Apple ecosystem but not having iPhone then you are missing on iMessages. It syncs messages through all devices in Apple like Mac, iPad and iPhone. In case you are using an Android phone and use iMessage on it, following are the steps.

iMessage is an app with which you can send message to another iPhone user through Internet. This is an added advantage over normal SMS. People who regularly use iMessage for sending messages, miss the app if they switch to Android phone.

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iMessage is preferred by many people due to the easy-to-use interface and also the notifications that people receive when they get a message. The notification bubble that appears make it easy to notify people about the message received. You can set iMessage on any Android phone as well. This makes Apple users to switch to Android.

How to use iMessage on Android Phone

To setup and use iMessage on an Android phone, you may need a MacBook or Mac Computer and an Android phone. Another important thing that you should setup is an Apple ID. If you have any product from Apple earlier, then there will be an Apple ID that you had created earlier.

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Steps to setup iMessage on Android phone or Tablet

  • First, gather details on the Apple ID that is connected to your mobile number
  • Boot your Mac laptop or computer where you have logged in using your Apple ID.
  • Go to Google Play Store and download an app called “Airmessage“.
  • Airmessage app helps you to sync your iMessage to Android phone.
  • Go to Airmessage website in your Mac and download the Zip file and move it to applications folder.
  • Now, the Airmessage app will appear inside the launchpad of your Mac.
  • Open AirMessage and login or signup .
  • Now go to your Android phone and open the download Airmessage app.
  • Login with the same details that you created on the Mac app.
  • You are done with the setup. The Airmessage app will sync with old messages on the Apple login and also, you can send and receive messages from Android phone.
  • There will be a blue chat icon shown on the phone screen. Click on it to send message and also read the incoming messages.

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