How to use iPad as second monitor

If you are wondering on how to use iPad as second monitor then here are the steps to follow.

Having an additional monitor for any laptop is always convenient as it extends the screen real state.

We can be more productive with multiple screen as it helps in better multitasking.

When it comes to macOS, we have built-in features that you can use to extend the display. This is made possible if you have an iPad with you.

Not all version of iPad’s support this, but if you have the latest version of iPad, then you should have this feature.

How to use iPad as second monitor

Apple calls this sidecar, you can connect an iPad to a Mac wirelessly.

Before jumping into the process for how to use iPad as second monitor, let me list you the supported iPad and Mac Models.

Basic requirements to use iPad as second monitor using Sidecar

iPad that have sidecar support

To use Sidecar, the iPad that you have should be running iPadOS 13 or later version.

iPad Mini5th generation, any version after that
iPad6th generation or version after that
iPad Air3rd generation or version after that
iPad Pro10.5 Inch, 9.7 inch, 11 inch,12.9 inch(M1 and A series)

Macs that have sidecar support

Any Macs that run macOS Catalina or later would support Sidecar

iMac Pro2017 or later
iMac2015 or later
Mac Pro2019
Mac Mini2018 or later
MacBook2016 or later
MacBook Air2018 or later
MacBook Pro2016 or later

If you have any of the above-mentioned iPads or Macs, then you can use Sidecar and use iPad as monitor.

How to use iPad as second monitor

The process to use iPad as second monitor is simple.

  • You first need to turn on both your Mac and iPad.
  • Keep your iPad Near to the Mac.
  • Make sure both iPad and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • In Mac, click on the Control center button in the taskbar
control center in Mac
  • Once you click on it, there will be some options shown.
  • Click on the Screen mirroring button.
screen mirroring in Mac
  • On clicking the button, you will be shown with different screen mirroring options and the device supported.
connect iPad using Sidecar
  • Click on the device that you want to mirror or extend the display.
  • By doing this, your screen will be shared with iPad.
  • You can use iPad as secondary monitor as a mirror display or an extended display by selecting the options shown in the image above.

Advantages of using iPad as secondary monitor

  • If you are into Apple ecosystem products and have iPads with you, the sidecar enables you to use your iPad as a secondary display and do more work.
  • The Sidecar works wirelessly, which is very convenient.
  • Very responsive with no lag at all
  • Easy to setup and use.
  • As display quality of iPad is great, you will get a good secondary monitor for Mac


Using iPad as a secondary monitor brings a lot of convenience to the table. The setup process is real simple.

Also in my personal experience, iPad with sidecar is fast and responsive making it a go-to option to consider.

You do not need to invest in an additional monitor.

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