How to use Nearby share in Android and Windows

Here is how to setup and use Nearby share in Android and Windows. With Nearby share, any Android or Windows PC user can easily share files on the go.

Nearby share has been a built-in feature for Android phones since Android 6.0, and it was being used by many 3rd party apps.

Now Google has introduced the beta version of Nearby share that you can use for Windows PC as well.

This app needs to be installed in Windows machine, and you will be able to send and receive files from Android to Windows and vice versa.

What can you transfer using Nearby share app?

As the Airdrop feature in iPhones, nearby share can be used for the same purpose.

You can transfer, photos, videos, files and documents between your Android phone and Windows PC.

You may not need a Wi-Fi connection for this, as it works with Wi-Fi direct and Bluetooth from your phone and the PC.

With Nearby Share for Windows, you can easily share files with friends and family.

Also, you can use it to transfer files between your own devices as well

Ways to share files and photos using Nearby share.

This basically works in the same way as the Airdrop for iPhone and macOS.

  • You can drag and drop any file from Windows to Android.
  • Another way is to right-click on the file and click share. There in the man you will see nearby share listed.
  • Click on the option, and you will be shown with the nearby device that supports it.
  • Select the device and the file would be transferred.

How to setup Nearby share in Android and Windows PC

As I had mentioned earlier, Nearby share is already enabled on your Android device and nothing specifically is needed to be done there.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that, you need to keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ON in your Android Device for it to work.

Nearby share in Android and Windows

To use it in Windows PC, first visit this link and download the Nearby share app for windows.

Note: The Nearby share app only works with PC running Windows 10 and have a 64 bit version.

If you have an ARM based Windows device, then you may not be able to use it for now.

Things to consider for Nearby share to work

  • Bluetooth should be kept ON for both Windows PC and Android device
  • Wi-Fi should be kept ON both Windows and Android
  • Android version should be higher than 6.0
  • Windows 10 64 bit needed
  • ARM architecture not supported
  • Nearby share beta should be downloaded to Windows PC

How to use Nearby Share in Windows PC

  • Download the nearby share app for windows
  • Open the app and login with your Google account
  • Keep the destination device discoverable.
  • Right click on any file to be transferred.
  • Click on share button should on the menu.
  • A window would appear that shows the nearby device.
  • Click on the device and you are done

How to use Nearby share in Android to send files to Windows PC

In Android, the process is similar.

  • First swipe down the android screen and locate the Nearby share button.
  • Turn it ON.
  • Turn ON Bluetooth in the Windows PC as well.
  • Go to gallery or file manager in your Android phone.
  • Click on share button.
  • Here you will find the nearby PC listed.
  • Select the PC and the sharing process would start.

You will receive notification in Android and Windows when ever you start sending or receiving files using Nearby share.

Advantages of using Nearby share in Android and Windows

Earlier, people used to transfer files from their phone to PC by sending them through emails.

The problem there was that the size that you can send is limited to 25 MB or so. Also, the process was slow.

The other available option was uploading the file to a drive and sharing the link. This is presently used as well, but still it’s far behind the Airdrop feature that you get in macOS and iPhone.

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With the Nearby share app, things would become easy for Android and Windows users as well.

Some advantages of using nearby share are

  • No internet connection required for Nearby Share because it works over Bluetooth, it does not require an internet connection to transfer files between devices. This avoids use of any cellular data and the process is fast.
  • Fast file sharing is another major advantage here. As most people are impatient when it comes to sharing files, Nearby share would solve the issue and make things faster.
  • Better control over file sharing makes it a good option to consider. We can select which person to share the file and would have the full control over the transfer process.
  • Multiple sharing is also possible as we can share the same file to more than one device supporting this feature

Conclusion on Nearby share for Android and Windows

Would you use nearby share?

Presently it’s in beta phase and there may be issues of disconnections and slowness. But soon we would get a better version with bug fixes.

For now the Nearby share would be the best option to consider if you want to share large files, videos, movies and pictures with different devices easily.

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